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I would like to apologize for disappearing on you this year. It has been a combination of things, most recently that my workhorse recording computer is throwing up blue screens of death at random intervals.

I have every hope of getting a new music computer (using my work computer for play is a Bad Idea) and hopefully averaging 2 songs a day to get back on track once I get it.

All the best,

No apologies needed and sorry about your computer. I am glad though that you are okay! I was worried not seeing you around the site!

Hi Alex, hope everything will work out the best way for you. I've been in your shoes and I know how it feels. Looking forward to hearing your new songs.

Well, @metalfoot, I just checked your profile page - 41 songs, including a bunch of those awesome element tunes! So don't be so hard on yourself, my friend.
You did remind me that I should back up some files, since my music computer is also old - really old.

No worries, Alex. We'll keep a seat here for you. New music computer sounds like a fab idea, too; just think of the boost to your productivity that'll give you!

Life gets in the way sometime. Be easy on yourself and we know we'll get the @metalfoot avalanche of songs soon enough!

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And here I thought you got sick of us and decided to bail. Nice to know that’s not the case and I do hope that you’ll be up and running soon. I have so many comments to give and I hope to get back on track tomorrow evening. All the best to you, man.

I am going to purchase a new computer today, (99% certainty) and once I get it set up I'll have to record a song or two to try it out!

First things first in life and no need for apologies. I'm far less busy and have taken a few 50/90 breaks as well.

I have been so absent this year as well. Kind of miss it actually. Just too tired and busy.
Luckily i can kid myself on that i'm still joining in by doing the weekly radio show and playing all you other people's lovely new songs.

Oh, I was just wondering about you - thanks for letting us know…

Alex, no worries!! and speaking of old computers, mine here is so old that you start it by turning the big crank on the side (kidding, of course, but only slightly)
good luck and welcome back whenever that is!

(alternate 'my computer is so old line'- its so old when i did my songs about the elements/periodic table there were only four- , earth, air, fire and water!)

@mike skliar: Very good!

@metalfoot: I scarcely need tell you, but help yourself to literally anything if mine that tickles your fancy once you're back on your feet... Or castors.

*Big Hugs*