Variation on a Skirmish: Which Forum to Post In?

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I thought of a variation on a skirmish which I'd like to try out, but I'm not sure which forum to post it in.

The key difference from a typical skirmish is that I'd ask everyone to "sleep on" the topic overnight, and not sit down to consciously write the song until the next day. I'd ask people to try to keep that writing session under an hour, like a typical skirmish, but obviously, that would be on the honor system. Since many of us are asleep at different times in the day, songs would probably dribble in over the course of the next day, instead of mostly arriving at once, as in a typical skirmish.

What do you think? Try this in the Skirmishes forum? Or is this different enough that I should just put it under Challenges?

I'd go with Challenges, since Skirmishes are at a specific time.