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So, derUgo, -- rip'into it Smile

Politeness is useless, --be rude!
Explain like/don't like or go home silent Lol


I just love the bandcamp stats page... breaks out total and partial plays, and the page it came from. So, for example if someone clicks into it from "here", that is recorded as a stat. If your new BFF says, "hey, listened to all, all the way through, --they'll know". Makes me wonder what the pro-stats looks like. Anyway, way better than the free SC click count Lol hahhh...

Well, as I've commented elsewhere, -- making "Records" ... eh. I'll stick to using recording to write, to perform... far more useful, imo.

But, now I also see why fawmers use BC not SC to demo stuff. Interesting... --can't be all over the place either, to easy to loose track. BC looks (looks) allot like CD Baby... --maybe if I get time, I'll check that out. But, heck, BC is "free" until you sell, then -0.15/1 ... really, who cares... great deal imo. And, no spam... --so, I guess it's what you want to do and what for.

Wow... went over to cdbaby and walked through their "free" service..., THEN got to the "contract"... 10mins into it about 1/3rd... was gettting a "headache" Lol ... bandcamp has nothing to worry about in so far as I see it, things... hahhhh... --all, very interesting.

Listening to "Midnight Special". I think my volume was too low. The mix sounded a lot clearer for "Trying to Move On" which started just as I was turning the volume up. I listened to 3 songs. Good strumming, very mellow vibe. Good balance between guitar and vocals. Thanks for posting.

First impressions based on my one listen, just for what its worth, I did download BTW.

What I like: Lots of meaning and feeling with the subject. I like the intertwining of traditional songs and the disclaimer about the song sources. I always prefer to hear the unplugged one voice one instrument version of a song compared to the produced studio-ized version.

What I would have liked to hear/see (aka suggestions): Like in FAWM/5090, I would like to be able to read the lyrics. As one who is verbose in this chat, I hope for more notes about the selection of individual tracks. Like, of the thousands of traditional/folk/spirituals out there, why these? Musically, I would like to have heard more variety in tempo and guitar style.

Again take these comments from this one listen with a grain of salt. Good luck!. As an aside, CD Baby seems to be more about selling physical CD's and their package is geared to someone looking to print hundreds, not so much for downloads. Even though my neglected website is by an associate company, I prefer Bandcamp since it is a place to host my in-between FAWM/5090 song adventures and a few me and my instrument live recordings.

Oh..., keep it coming... -- you're taking it easy on me! (feedback-comments...)

-- And seriously, * thanks for commenting. So glad it moved anyone to say anything!

-- And the Download, wow... what can I say, thank you... --means allot!

I'll respond a bit down the road... don't want to make a fau pas here... all great feedback, again, thank you!

No worries on a response. I don't often give feedback, but when I do (and to be fair), I subscribe to the "stars and wishes" approach.

Quick ad hoc amendment:

In case anyone is interested and does not get on the FaceBook pages (sometimes, it's a year+ before I look there, etc., ...):

So, what I pasted there under my bandcamp notice:


Oh, I forgot to note my signal chain, how recorded generally (no one was really interested, nonetheless important in a learning project like this for a number of reasons, imnho):

- Using a Fender Classic Design 12 string (majority of time, low price, high quality, ~$299, Solid Spruce Top)
- $49 MXL Mic (Two, a 770, and a 990, - one aimed at Mouth (770) close proximity, other (990) apx 24" separation, aimed between neck joint, and sound-hole)
- Yamaha MG10 Mixing Console (very portable, powered, low price, --not needed or effecting, nonetheless was there and set at nominal as far as I know or have control)
- "USBDualPre" Project Series by ART (very low price, very old 15+yrs)
- ~ 15yo Acer ($100 PC Laptop, running Linux)
(Check your neighbors trash after Christmas, there may be one there  ; Linux is Free.)
- Audacity ver 2.1.2 (Free) DAW
- Recorded levels averaging -12dB - -3dB, Dry (no effects)
- Mixed to overall max -1dB (+-, no distortion)
So, if using any of my $200 guitars, total cost apx $300 - $400 ish, (sales, garbage pcking...)

Effects (Audacity DAW only):
- Reverb, generally speaking, 15% "overall" no type to distinguish ("room"), tone adj flat/null, wet/dry null, using typically only Wet, -- basically very little
- EQ very minimal since got good digital "saturation"   , dynamics (good dry recording to begin with)
- Compression, generally speaking, --minimal (little effect, or slight, regardless of setting)
- 1 Stereo Track with no source isolation (Mics); then duped, generally speaking 3x's, processed as per the above for Separation and mixed with the Dry-track.

One track, same track(s) as the one(s) from Side-A, --no Drum Kit also as per above, --one takes, then overdubbed, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Harmonica (Harp, -2 overdub tracks added)

-- The drum track, so far, when overdubbed made for a "busy" track. There's a lotta percussion in the 12 String Guitar and Bass Guitar. Throwing in the "kitchen sink", even on turnarounds... still on the fence. (I am not a studio drummer, to be sure!   , and it's tough mixing your own stuff knowing where every "mistake" is) -- anyway, --If done "live", the drummer would be bored, or "Hammered"   (cause s/he could be!, hahhh).

- So, derUgo!


My point is, while even $300 is allot to some folks... "it" can be done and without spending rediculous amounts of money. (I remember a friend dropping $8000, something like 17 years ago... and even today, folks drop $3000; for 1 Stereo Track?... rhetorical... Dirol )

Moreover, if one learns how to simply record well and some minimal other... they're good to go. I've never need to know how to use a loopback for effects on a DAW with 36 tracks of sound sources. Then someone uses a $3 ear bud on a 10yo Cell Phone to listen? Wink Lol OK... as you like, just say'in... "Robert Johnson" recorded to Wax and Steel, --folks found'em and love'em anyway. )

-- I'm having a great time! Wink , hope you-all are too!
(If anyone tracks "artists", the ones that helped each other... were kinda the ones to make it at all and "remained"...)