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I know I'm stoopid etc, but for some reason I have forgotten how to include a fellow FAWMers name in my forum posts etc.

I tried what I thought was right just now, and nothing happened Sad

I typed an @. followed immediately by the user name 'Vom Vorton', like this @Vom Vorton
Nothing happened Sad

Pretty please Smile

Put the name (including the "@") in square brackets, like this (but removing the space after the opening bracket and before the closing bracket): [ @Amanda West ]. It becomes @Amanda West.

Thanks, every year I forget how to do it.

Yeah, @Roddy, me too.
Thanx, @OdilonGreen!

AArrggh thanks @OdilonGreen - as the other 2 above, every year I forget and have to ask again Wink

So you asked @Amanda West - I never knew how others did this and assumed it was an issue with my phone that I could not.

Hmmm...wasn't working for me. Let me try here again--I'll pick on Amanda: @Amanda West

Okay that worked. But not when I was trying it in my own Soundbox at my Profile. Hmmm...

OK, yeah--seems to work here in the Forums, but I can't get it to work in Comments on my Soundboard. Anyone know how to deal with that? Thanks in advance!

That worked @Jerry Pettit Smile

@Jerry Pettit, you can't tag someone on the Soundboard. That capability was turned off a few years ago, because if someone was tagged on their own Soundboard, whether by themselves or someone else, it would cause the whole account to crash and have to be reset by the admins. There was no way to turn off just Soundboard tagging of the page owner him- or herself; it was either allow everyone to be tagged on Soundboards -- giving rise to the foregoing problem, and causing participants grief and the admins additional work -- or no one. The decision was made to turn off Soundboard tagging altogether (and, as someone whose page crashed due to this issue, I definitely agree with the decision that was made.)

@OdilonGreen - two T’s and one T in Pettit, my friend Smile

Psst, @marvsmooth. I fixed the typo, but I guess I was too slow for you... Wink

@marvsmooth @Jen Distad I usually check to make sure my tagging was correct as soon as I post. I obviously didn't this time; thanks for being on top of it!

@Jen Distad - I just realised that I could have corrected the typo! Silly me for forgetting! Lol