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Does anyone have any advice re using a cable to go from a guitar directly to a computer? There are a large number of USB guitar cables on the market but the reviews range from positive to highly negative. The problems are mostly latency and crackling noises.

Because I'm in a campervan the lack of space means that I'm looking for a simple way to connect a guitar to a mac that would give reasonable sound quality without involving sevdral cables and a largish interface unit, etc.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

You said, any advice:
So, since your situation, is, a big black hole of, what's up... Order the top three you like from, e.g, Musitians Friend, Amazon, where you can return, or if even so far from its promise, -- they pay return shipping.

I can qualify, all that, but won't. Nonetheless, is your best result. Be bold, order them all... Etc. --No music shops along your Trek, to do in person try b4u buy?

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. Sound good.