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A regional forum for USA: Northwest? or Pacific Northwest?

I'm from the Inland Northwest! Tri-Cities, WA. Does that count? Smile

Yep, I'm south of seattle. Hi neighbor

Hi neighbor! I'm south of Seattle as well. I wonder if anyone who's not in Washington are going to this thread. I mean the Pacific Northwest goes as far south as northwest California, and as far East as Idaho (a little of Montana and Wyoming as well).

I'm in Seattle.

Since this is the only topic in the West subforum, and since the Midwest and Southwest has their own subforums, I guess we're the remainders. *laugh*

A small, but mighty band of hooligans!

At the risk of sounding too much like a character out of "The Guild" ...we should meet up sometime LOL ..if you gig somewhere, we should let the others know...someday I may do an open mic somewhere...maybe... LOL

That would be fun! I play open mics over here, but not on the west side. Look some up and maybe we can swing it. I need to make it back up there soon anyways for the Star Trek exhibit at the EMP. Biggrin

I'm in Seattle. U District.