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I’m new at GarageBand and attempting to upload a wav file from it to the files.fawmer site. Is there a trick to make it work? Is there a size limit? I’m attempting this from my iPad.

The Garageband default creates huge files. The FAWWM/5090 uptake seems to have a size limit (somewhere around 10MB) __paging @Eric Distad__ which allows up to 8 minutes or less for a song in mp3 format, but that same music file size would be less than one minute in WAV or Garageband format. When I record to Garageband on my phone (same app with less features) I open in Garageband on my desktop to output to AAC then in itunes I can convert to mp3 for the smaller file size.

You probably want to convert it to an .mp3 first.

Is there an easy way to convert to mp3 via iPad or iPhone? My first song was under a minute so that explains why it worked the first time!

I’ve tried that converter and it only gave me a link and didn’t let me download. I’m hoping to not pack my laptop when I go to FAWMSTOCK.

On a related note, does anyone know if the old Dropbox link workaround works over here? If so, can I please get a quick refresher on how to alter the shared link to make it stream?

Update: It appears dropbox might not be supported, but I did figure out that I can upload to the file hosting from dropbox, just from the phone! I’m a happy camper!!

Darci, there is probably a simpler way but through my iPad GB I email the file it to myself, open the file and then save in Voice Record Pro on my iPhone which allows me to convert it to an MP3 that you can plop into any hosting site you want.

@darcistrutt. Here’s another way, too.
If you get yourself a Dropbox account, I can help you with the method I use with the GB app on iphone. You do have to convert to mp3 and that converter site that Bill suggests is super fast and easy. So it goes like this: share from GB to Dropbox; convert the Dropbox file to mp3, saving to Dropbox; upload to file hosting. Not too painful.

I was able to get the application @billwhite51 recommended to work! It was hard to figure it out on my small little phone screen. Now that I understand the buttons to click and the times to wait for it to finish processing I should be able to do it again! I use the 50/90 file storage and once I get it from WAV to MP3 the size was small enough to work! I had to get to my desktop to figure it all out, but I'm feeling more confident I can use my phone! Thank you all!!!!!

If you get stuck again away from home and can't convert to mp3, just upload it to Google Drive, send me a share link and will convert it for you and put the new mp3 back into the same Drive folder for you to download to wherever Smile
sheeaunmusic at gmail dot com

@Amanda West , thank you for the offer! I'm hoping I'm good to go now. Otherwise I'm hopeful my fellow FAWMstockers (hmmm...that sounds rather nefarious) will be there to provide IT support. Who knew the "open with" option was how to save to your internal file folder?! Silly Apple!

Nno worries - have a wonderful FAWMstock. I am so jealous Smile

@darcistrutt I just realised that the simplest way is probably to just do it in iTunes !!!

I save to iTunes and then convert to mp3 in iTunes.