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Currently the time stamp (and therefore the page sort for song count) goes by when the song was first posted. However, in collaborations (for example) that often means that the newly collaborated piece is several pages down on the new song list, even when it is brand new.

Would it break the site (expecting the answer 'yes') to change the songs to have their posted date/timestamp updated every time they are edited, or at least when a new collaborator or audio track is added?


Hey MF - wow,
--- this morning was reading the "collabs upload here..." etc. and wondered about, --- for, if someone who may do all lyrics first (me), could have a thread for, -- then audio added. (Not updated ~added) Great minds do think a like, huh! : )

( I even, can provide a note from my doc, concerning this : ) I could not play early on, and had a very "annoying" friend here : ), nag me to write, or even "just" sing acapella, to get with it here ... ... rabbit trail... nevertheless... a:
--- Thread like the collabs, one for folks who do lyrics first, or as you say "Update" (self, work) is an interesting question. Do that!!? : )

--- Myself, as one who moderates on-line dilemmas/things, as vocation, etc. -- the "big" issue is "bumping" ... some folks may "ABUSE" that time stamp thing.

Otherwise, pending how things are coded here, what you ask is possible, but, (pending all other here of our great hosts), -- if going to be done/deployed, ~~ well, a whole 'nutha question.

In my mind I resolved it as, I said self ...,
-- "well, self I said : ), if they were fans, would they not be "checking" back?, and see the [UPDATED 01SEPT'16, and Audio added] Added to the Title. We do have our "Watch" and "Saved Songs" links.

Again, the "nightmare" is with so many folks of so many kinds, the "what if's", of, If this, then; that ~~ becomes a full time job.

So, time to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to the folks "here", as-is!

-- Can't wait to see the following, soon to come posts on this : )

-- Cheers!

Not a coder, but.... the songs are sorted by the song number assigned at the time of creation. I doubt there is an easy way of changing that, especially without introducing a probability of either bugs or tendency of abuse (bumping many times or without a real update.)

This is why many people will add a new song for a collab that came from a lyric that was already posted. It isn't ideal, especially for the song count, but it at least lets everyone know there is a new song/version/update added.

Hey MF, -- also:

Back in FAWM this year, not knowing "it" (1st time, etc.) -- posted a Lyric and then, right behind me was a member who then did a "core-dump" of a full screen-page of songs, and then yet another member did the same, and if remember correctly, yet another, too.

I waited.
(I guess that's why the zong button, -- yet with a core-dump(s) stacked ... still lost.)

So, I had time, did the Audio, and a few days later, just Deleted the entry, and reposted as "new". Well, since, likely no one saw it anyway, it was.

With that said, if you put in liner notes, lyrics with chords, etc. -- "that's" a bit of work to do. I only did it that one time. I watched out for the core-dumps of songs, -- learning fawm-ism's as I go.

-- However, I then got feedback.

What would be "interesting" is if we had a "notify" button... since many here say, "hey, let me know when/if a demo gets posted". (Now, that could be an Intra-site "spam" issue... like above, if this, then that --neg-scenarios. So, may require a "flag" of, if added to someones dist-list, "OK's" it... whew, lots o work there ? : )

Yeah, as others have said, you can't have songs going back to the top of the list because folks would be making small changes and bumping their songs. The solution is create a new song once the collab is finished. This is maybe better anyway so the original stands on its own with its original comments.

A cool feature would be to close comments on the original song when a collab is published and simply provide a link to the new version.

Kind of what I figured. But can't blame a guy for askin', y'know?

If I updated a song, especially based on comments, I will send a soundboard message to said commenters. Or I use the updated demo thread. @metalfoot Ping me on the songs you updated and I will give a listen.

Hey MF -- you seem as a low pressure type, who like me, I was seeking an open re-list, inclusive, have a look thing?

Do as you like specifically, of course, and as well, is why I did this, not trampling another purposed forum, or targeting
(you and I may not be the only ones thinking this):

As always, we'll see! : )