Universal TAG for Lyricists to attract collab partners ?

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IMPORTANT note to start - Folks who are looking for lyrics can always look under the LYRICS ONLY heading in the SONGS section of the menu bar Smile Although there will be some lyrics in this section that are not available for collaboration.

As many who collaborate have probably noticed, there are now so many variations in the tags that folks seeking lyrics never catch all the available lyrics in a search. Some examples are 'needs music and vocals', 'needs music', 'needs collab' & 'lyrics only' and all the ones with a dash between the words too. It's endless almost.

I was thinking of suggesting that all us lyricists looking to collaborate, label our tags the same, so anyone searching knows exactly what to type in to catch as many of the available lyrics as possible ?

I was thinking maybe as follows:

'needs-music' (without the inverted commas - and no # in front)

I am now going to go and re-label ALL my remaining lyric only songs with this tag.

**** I would love to know what everyone else thinks ? Smile

Worth considering Amanda
If enough folks will adopt it

I think this is a good idea. I'm about to go and put hyphens in the middle of all my tags.

Wyatt has highlighted the issue of getting our variegated tribe of lyricists to adopt it, which is fair enough. Going forward, there could possibly be a line coded into the 'Add new song' screen suggesting the use of this particular tag. Or, if we wanted to be super fancy, a box to tick (in the vein of 'lyrics only'/'feast'/'favourite').

I like both Amanda's and Stephen's ideas. But there are lots of people who don't realize the importance of tagging. The site had an auto function when tagging New Songs, but this year at least for me that hasn't worked properly every time.

When I want to explore beyond my Watchlist Tagcloud function is handy when the variations are close by. Then again every lyricist don't tag their lyrics "needs..." or even "collaboration...". They just say that they're looking for collabs in their bio or in the liner notes. Maybe we should add some tagging info to the help page or something.

On the other hand every year there are several perfectly good lyrics, some even with more or less matching verses, that don't get demoed even when tagged properly.

So it's still a lovely mess like it has always been I guess. Smile