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So its the end. My first 50/90 is a success in my eyes. I didn't make it to the end of FAWM, so there was no goodbye there.

There are a few songs that I started...would-be collabs. On all but one of them, the songwriter didn't know I was even working on them.
I just wanna let them know.

I have the first verse and chorus set to some 80s pop/disco stuff. I left a comment today about it.

I love these lyrics and have some broken chord ballad type stuff in its beginnings. I never got a chance to do vocals for this one, which halted production; and they need more than my synthvox. This was very...emotional when I read it. And it resonated...even though I don't really have personal experiences to apply these lyrics to. I felt it and I wanted to express it in song. Someday...

Another one where I laid some ballad piano down. But this one I have these grand ideas of incorporating the settings you describe through the use of various synths...sounds that feel watery, floaty, and adrift. This one would take more work than I could do in a day and I still don't know if I would have wanted to sing the lyrics or use synthvox. Again..someday...

Ah, the infamous Hold On lol
I actually got the chorus down for this one. But simply cannot sing the verses myself. I put this together around the time of hearing of Aretha Franklin's passing....and it was kinda in the vein of Ain't No Way. This one is simply out of my reach at this point. Maybe if I find a vocalist one day.

There are many other lyrics that I've looked at and passed by, from so many folks here. I am almost sad, but I know I have this stuff to look forward to next year and at FAWM 2019.

Welp, with all that said, I'll be dipping in to see what's going on here and there and hopefully keeping in touch with those of you who have really helped me - and that's pretty much everyone that took the time to listen and say something about my music.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!!

I have a couple of collabs that didn't get done. Mostly my fault, although not all. But I just posted the last song I plan to do so... If I promised something to someone and failed to follow through. I apologize.

Ditto - the last week was way too much for me with other things and I feel like I failed some folks who I promised vocals. Anyone wants to work together after the fact, HMU on Facebook (Deanna Sweidel) or dsweidel @gmail.com Smile

I got sick this weekend, like in bed sick, but I hope to squeak out 2 more lyrics and "win" this year. Fawm will be all about the collabs for sure. See y'all then.

REMINDER: October 1 is the last day of 50/90 NOT September 30. So we have at least one more full day to struggle this through.

...and then Rocktober during the rest of October!
Don't forget about that!

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Haha, I also have arranged "Pick me up" in a sort of disco/pop setting but did not finish it yet. @splittybooms Maybe we should merge our efforts and top the charts? Biggrin
But really: add a placeholder and upload your tune later.

Yes @sph and @splittybooms - please do and let's all keep working on it. I game for a chart topper! Smile

This may be it for me this 5090. Computer monitor failure; I am typing on my phone.

My unfinished business is that I'm 22 comments away from giving 300. So I'll keep going after today.
In fact, I'll comment as long as others are around to see them.

@DeannaSweidel and @sph - that sounds awesome! I'd definitely like to try to do this.
I've been kinda under the weather this week, but should be ready to work this weekend. Let me know the logistics!

Moved it to correct thread, but can't delete this, so, derUgo Crazy