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Has anybody played one of these or used it on a 5090 song so far? I saw a used one...

I've always thought the short Ashbory basses looked like fun, and these are similar but shaped like a ukulele. Tiny and lightweight.

I'm a bass player, and I have real basses... but I don't have one of THESE:

I would love to have a uke bass, but I know me. It would drive me nuts that I couldn't hear it unless it was plugged into an amp. There's a guy near me who goes by the name of Fred Zepplin. He plays rock covers on uke. He sometimes plays with this awesome bass player who plays uke bass with him. I'm astounded by what he can do with that thing.

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I have one of these cheap ones:
Did not really like the rubber strings and exchanged them with Pyramid black tape nylon strings. Will update this comment when I use the bass during 50/90

I've grabbed and played this and others. I just won't spend that kind of money. Short scale, pending how made has some issues that may be overcome by strings, different tensions at std tuning. Less than 30in is problematic. It's tough at 30in.

I found a real gem when seeking a travel bass, at bargain price, but you may be scared to buy Smile

This link will likely come back here, loop:

Search for "ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR - BLUE - Small Scale 36" Inch Childrens Mini Kids NEW"

It's not a toy, it's a real bassd, but you have to track it since this china seller only sells periodically.

They have a lefty currently for sale:

You see my key words to search on amazon. Currently $94, same price I paid in 2012! Hahhh!

I was impressed at the quality and *non-floppyness of the strings, intonation, etc.

Obviously, I can't speak for every "run" they offer. But, amazon has that amazing return policy for if "bad" not as described, they pay return shipping. This "EDM" company is the one I purchased from a few years back.

There were quirky QA things, but stuff that didn't bother me, --and allot tends to Smile

I actually thought about buying and reselling after a rework... but, why? There are plenty of 300-400 offers out there all ready. I liked mine as-is so left it alone. I fretfiled the ends, and little setup things, set intonation, etc. But has decent tone at that guage string it came with for what it is.

Now, IMO, a 34in Bass does have a different tone, --period. Even my very nice 30 inch just by it's physics, sounds great but won't match a resonating full size body, string length, of reasonable guage ala whatever speaker it eventually is colored by anyway.

If you're a lefty, that one above imo is worth a look if you want a travel bass you can shove overhead on a Jet... it's is 36in overall, but a 30in scale. I woudn't think twice about unscrewing the neck for back pack length. You could always put in threaded neck bolts if want to do a lot of "unscrewing" for travel and velcro strap the looped strings.

They seem pretty honest as I experienced... they don't have my review pasted in from the Righty I bought.

Anyway, I understand the pull of a short scale, but not at $600, for me anyway.

Oh I see my search words are not in the preview url:
[ Small Scale 36" Inch bass guitar mini ] brought up the lefty. I'd contact them direct for a righty via their amazon store if interested.

Anyway, enough from me... make no mistake, it's that CNC fast out the door stuff -- but was "decent" and playable, as-is. If you want to tweek it, setup nicely, you're likely OK with it. But, it is "light"... it's tiny and we bass players are used to 50ib bricks in our hands.

OK, all the best! (forgive my typos... don't have the time to edit this...)

For any Aussies looking at this thread, I've had my eye on this mini-bass
Artist Guitars is a great brand.

Long lusted for a Kala U-bass but can't justify the price, it goes for $6-800 AUD here which is ridonk. I've had a play around on one and they're lovely and light.

So of course I did buy a uke bass this summer. Kala is expensive, so I found the "Hadean" brand offered by Rondo music in the US, and this might be the one I ordered (they have a few very similar models

So these basses have a very different tone from an electric bass. Darker, "woodier", with decent sustain. I haven't played it with a pick yet, but with fingers it's an unusual sound. My technique needs work, you have to play very lightly or there's tons of noise (and this is a really cheap bass, maybe the Kala's are more forgiving, don't know). Overall, I'm satisfied with this bass. Great for travel or casually bringing along. Half the price of Kala.

And I used it on a song:

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Just remembered that I wanted to write when I use the Ukulele bass on a recording. So here it is:

Cool, I like that tune. I kept my uke bass by my desk, and it was so fun (and convenient) to play I used it on most of the songs I've done for 50/90 this summer. All but the first two and the last two, I think.