Two-fifths of the way through - how are you doing?

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The math is a little more complicated than when I started the one-fifth of the way through thread, but here goes ...
If you multiply your current totals of songs and comments given by one and a half, that's what you're on pace to have at the end of Oct 1.
So I'm on pace for 65 songs and 315 comments given. Last year I did 60 (for sure) and 300 (I think).
I'm actually at a higher pace for songs, since I have two more demos completed that I'll wait til tomorrow and Friday to share. I try to not share two songs in the same day.
If it seems like I'm bragging, I believe this quote was attributed to Babe Ruth: "It's not bragging if you can do it." (Also, I know some of you far exceed my numbers.)
Also, most of my songs take less than an hour to write and record. Some far less. I keep it simple.
So, how are you doing?

4 songs so far, so... I'm on track to get ten songs written and leave 15 comments.


Got 7-1/2...better than none...probably done...

I've reached 14 songs, recorded and posted, and 141 comments. Which, if the formula works out, should give me 35 songs, and 350 comments, that a bit of neat and tidy maths.

I've done 50/90 from a much more relaxed perspective this year, and enjoyed it more. I've had quite a lot of fun with my songs, and there are a few I'm quite pleased with, and am looking forward to meeting those I haven't written yet.

Eh. I've done six songs, and I'm actually happy with them (as demos, not as final products), but I'm a bit disappointed because I had such grand plans for everything I wanted to accomplish this 50/90.

Of course, bemoaning the 35 days spent in low productivity is pointless, especially when there are 55 glorious days still to come that I could fill with music-making if I were truly so inclined. So we'll see how much I truly am driven to accomplish, and how much of my aspirations for this year were pure daydreaming and bluster. Wink

I'm on pace to write 7.5 songs and leave 202.5 comments, woo. To whoever receives my half-comment: Sorry.

I've managed 5 so far and expect to double that so that I've got an album's worth of tracks by the end of 50/90.

Math check: I think the factor should be 2 1/2.
If our current output (C) is 2/5 of our projected total output (T) then
5C = 2T
i.e. T = 2 1/2 C
Am I wrong?
If I'm right, we can all feel even better about our prospects.

I'm on track for comments, at least. At the 1/5 mark, I had 200 comments. Now, I'm very close to 400. Songs? Erk... I haven't posted a new song in the last 2 weeks. Just not feeling it. I could still hit 50 (I had 17 or 14, depending on how you classify collabs), but yeah... The past few weeks have been a bust.

Still, there's 3/5 of 50/90 left to go. Let's give it our all! Biggrin

6 songs half done, 2 posted; but dealing with some mega-stressful life stuff, and hoping there will be enough of a lull to let me concentrate on songs again for a few days soon.

I've only posted, what, 26? I want to write more. I've a bunch I could post. It has been difficult to juggle everything this year.

Well on your theory im on track to fully complete 147 including all demos! And comment on 1850. It is statistically sound but i think the foot is off the pedal. I suspect nearer 100 and 1200 but you never know!

I have 14 so far (one is actually private and consists of nothing).
I think I gave about 2 comments so far. To be honest, I don't really care about giving comments at the moment; I'll get to that AFTER the challenge is over. I actually got up to 100 comments last week on FAWM, but unsurprisingly received no fanfare because very few stick around over there.

18 songs so I'll be close.

@JWHanberry - Your math looks right to me. I like that kind of stuff. Numbers motivate me toward a lot of my goals outside of songwriting, too.
@coolparadiso - One thing I like about 50/90 is that you have some time to have that foot-of-the-pedal feeling and then, if you want, get right back at it.
One year when I felt like I was slowing down, I taught myself mandolin in September. (I've yet to get out the mandolin for 50/90, but it will appear soon, I think.)

Was gonna post about the math as well. If we are at 2/5 of the challenge you should divide your current number by two and then multiply by 5.

My update by using my math:

Current: 48 songs, 363 comments

1/5th I was on pace for: 130 songs, 1000 comments

2/5th I am on pace for: 120 songs, 907.5 comments

But I won't come close to either of those numbers.

Jeez, @Chip Withrow; "I taught myself mandolin in September"?!?
I've been struggling with that thing off and on for a couple of years now.

One might think that having the kids off at college would mean more time to play. One might think that. One might.

I'm at a 10th. This is the furthest I've ever gotten doing this! Maybe I'll get to a fifth, I'm hoping to kick in a gear and reach 20-25

i'm sucking in the 70s. spending time typing at the keyboard is more tiring than i imagined it would be while recovering from surgery, and i adjusted my listening and commenting time to shorter intervals after how i felt after commenting repeatedly one day, utterly destroying my usual commenting technique. it seems the painkillers make me rather maudlin at times, as well, such that a persistent zong actually zapped my inspiration, whereas usually i would just chalk it up to the paucity of comments on lyrics-only offerings. it didn't help my current count of 17 that i took 20 days off after i was told i needed surgery and the one song i wrote to a prompt during my songwriters' workshop late july, then another 10 days after that once i had had the surgery-- thereby missing a month in a 3 month challenge. i know i won't get to 50, and i'm not committing to challenges, even the random collabs and lyrics-first corpses i so enjoy, for fear of not being able to uphold any commitments. there might very well come a time where i have to admit it a wash, because producing what i have, or even typing this lengthy comment in, tire me no matter how close to my body i have my arm while typing. i'm trying to get back to work basically on the day the challenge ends, and i'm only just now turning the point where stamina is supposed to start picking up. perhaps i'll feel differently in a week or so. i should just feel happy to get what i do get in terms of songs written, and happier still in terms of comments when by necessity i'm not returning comments as i usually do. perhaps if i could stretch the pain killers even further apart than every eight hours.... good luck to all those still plowing through this AND life-- keep having fun!

Well, I started. That's good.


Slogging though more slumps than streaks which means my pace may be deceptive. Liking most of the songs I have posted. Rather than the "on a pace to" the baseball analogy for me would be bullpen catcher but not mathematically eliminated from contention.

UPDATE: I'm super on track for next week, the week of July 21! Stoked.

Technically really behind, but I'm feeling alright cause I'm sticking with my goal of making each song unique for this year and I'm still in the double digits. Not too bad, though i would like to pick up the pace a bit and get at least 30 by the end.