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Shout out to my friends in the neighborhood. I'm actually across the border in Wisconsin, but still consider myself part of the Twin Cities. Hope you all have a great summer!

I'm here! Smile

Hi @darcistrutt ! One of these days we have to make a Twin Cities FAWM / 50/90 meetup happen!

Agree @Eric Distad ! My daughter, Dawn, (dawnsoap on FAWM) is going to CONvergence this weekend. I've told her you're playing! Break a leg!

HI, @darcistrutt & @Eric Distad ! I'm back again too. I'd be in for a Twin Cities FAW / 50/90 meetup.

This is just a quick reminder: if you want to tag someone, be sure to put brackets around it. For example [ @famouspatrick ] with the spaces removed becomes @famouspatrick.

That's the cost of allowing spaces in usernames, I guess. (=