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Hello 50 90 community.

There are so many songs posted here that could be improved with a very light touch of tuning using Melodyne. Before I get 'jumped' on by everybody saying that their vocals "don't need tuning" I have to mention that even Christina Aguilera's vocals are tuned. Everybody's vocals could be improved by a touch of manual tuning.

Note; this is NOT Autotune. It is light manual tuning using Melodyne. The better the quality of the vocal to start with the better the quality will be after being tuned. With this in mind I have created a gig on Fiverr.com where I will tune your vocal for you. All you need to do is send a high quality WAV file of your vocal and I will send you back the tuned vocal that can be imported into your song. If you are not happy with the result you are most welcome to cancel the order and get a refund. I even wont mind if you use the tuned vocal in your final demo. You can give it a try here.


Kind regards
Joanne Cooper

Thanks for this generous offer. I'll certainly send you a file soon. I use a Mac and I think that Melodyne is for Windows only so if you can improve my vocal track then that would be great. I did a recording last year where the engineer did some light tuning to my vocal and it sounded better and not like Autotune at all.

I will be in touch on this thx.

Melodyne is for Mac too. There's an AU version of it

source - I have it Smile

Thanks @French Cricket I'll look into it.

I have no issue with you suggesting that people might like to try melodyne, but "There are so many songs posted here that could be improved with a very light touch of tuning using Melodyne" kind of misses the point that it's a writing challenge and not a production challenge. I realise the point of your post was to sell your service, and that's fine, but I don't think the implication that full production is necessary for the challenge is a helpful one.

I agree with Helen. We're producing songs at a speedy pace. We shouldn't be worried about vocal issues at this point. Maybe a long time after. Don't get distracted folks, it's a hard enough challenge as it is.
In fact I quite enjoy the rough flawed nature of some of the vocals, it's very refreshing.

Joanne, have you used it on any of your songs for this year's 5090? I'm curious if I would be able to tell.

The statement "so many songs posted here that could be improved with a very light touch of tuning" seems pretty mild to me; she said "could" and not "should" or "must"! And while I agree it is a writing challenge, there is typically A HUGE amount of conversation here about production and how to improve in that area. Plus there are quite a few of us who attempt full productions with our challenge songs so this post seems useful and appropriate to me. My personal philosophy is I'd much rather finish the challenge with 10 fully produced, well-written songs than 50 more drafts to throw in my song pile!

BTW, the price she is offering is incredibly low! Even if you own a tuning plug and know how to use it, she has offered to do that work for you for $5!!!

@JoanneCooper, I hope to take advantage of your generous offer some time this summer!

Joanne, I would LOVE to try singing my own vocals to a song and rarely do so because I can hear pitch problems and can't stand hearing mine - mine are awful - so I will take you up on this. One of the things I always love about collaborations with you is that the vocals are spot on pitch. Don't get me wrong I totally greatly appreciate ALL collaborators' wonderful music and vocals and am so grateful for and appreciate the roughest of demos - just saying on yours and some others I have never noticed pitch issues and I always wondered how the heck do you do that! Now the secret is out! Thanks!

@tomS Yes I use it on all my vocals.

ah @johnstaples thank you so much! You always seem to come to my rescue! I just thought it would be a great way for people to gauge how tuning will affect the quality of their demos without actually purchasing Melodyne and going through the (rather intense) learning curve. In that way they can decide on whether to take the plunge or not.

@kahlo2013 Ha ha! Thank you so much for that. I never meant it to be a secret..... Always completely happy to help wherever I can.

I am wondering why don't my @ tags show as links when I reply to a comment?

Well Joanne I have heard many of your live online performances and your voice is great then too so I know it is not just a tuner...

So let me get this straight; you are trying to sell your product by insulting people's vocal performances?

I personally stay away from pitch and time correction. I like things I'm recording to sound the way I play them, warts and all.

I am in several online music communities with @JoanneCooper including FAWM and 50/90. And she is a Very Nice Person! She always contributes useful information and is always kind and generous. In this thread she is offering to TUNE YOUR VOCALS FOR FIVE DOLLARS! If you don't need or want your vocals tuned then move along 'cause this thread is not for you. If, on the other hand, you'd like to give this a try without the expense of buying Melodyne and then learning it and then spending the time to actually do the work...send her a fiver and a track! That is exactly what I'm gonna do (and I already own several tuning plugs!)

Thanks John!! Joanne is a lovely woman with a beautiful soul who is a great collaborator and works hard on perfecting her craft. I have no doubt her intent was only to share what she has learned. Love working with her!

John and Liz. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. !

A bit of background for those who don’t know me. A couple of years ago I took a decision that I wanted to learn as much as I could about song-writing and producing but that I also wanted to share everything about that process with anybody who cared.

There is far too much of “keeping everything to your chest’” type attitude in this industy for my liking. That is why I tell everyone who is interested that I use Band-in-a-Box.

I developed a course and have been writing blog posts. I don’t profess to know even close to enough about this fine art but have made a commitment to keep learning and sharing. I don’t try or hope or need to make a living out of my music or my courses or my services. If it happens that’s great but if not that is also fine. For me, this is just another way to share. Peace!

As I said, I have no issue with you recommending or selling your service here. I have no issue with the assumption that most vocals could be improved with this tool (I'd argue against *all* but I rather suspect you'd concede fairly quickly and if not, I'd leave it at that anyway). I just found that one sentence at odds with the point of 50/90. I would quite possibly be interested in trying it out for something I was going to release, but demos are demos.

Joanne, vocal tuning is key when producing any demo in my opinion. It doesn't take much, and it goes such a long way in making the quality stand out. Great idea!

Joanne, I was sort of wondering if you had a before/after example. I bet you do, on the Fivver page...

Have you been pursuing a degree in audio engineering? The other thing I'd mention is the AES. Membership comes with some great perks. Smile

Hi @tomS I will post a before and after on the Fiverr page. Will let you know when done

I think all vocalists worry about their vocals, regardless of how unfinished the demo. After last FAWM I started getting into some Waves vocal processors (my fave is the GW suite). I'm enjoying the results. For the longest time I've turned over my voice to others to produce. I've lately decided to quit relinquishing my vocal tracks to others and instead learn how to make my voice sound the way I like. This is important because I consider my voice to be my main instrument. I think I should know how to to tune my voice, both naturally and digitally, just like any other instrument I play. Smile And for me, it's just as important to practice this as it is to practice writing songs and making demos.

@joannecooper, thank you for starting this conversation and offering your expertise to this community.

For me, Melodyne is an important part of my setup. I've used it for several years and I recently upgraded to the full studio version, which is also effective on guitar tracks, incidentally. There are cheaper alternatives; the TC Electronic "Mic Mechanic" pedal does compression, de-essing, pitch correction *and* reverb/echo in one unit, and my main studio mic is permanently plugged into one. But even so, I don't use correction on everything I do. The main reason for this is that I want to improve control over my singing voice (what there is of it - there's a reason why everything I've recorded so far this 50/90 is instrumental music...) As @aesthetic72 says, it's important to practise.

We should auto tune Bob Dylan just so we can figure out what the melodies are. Biggrin

Hi @tomS

Okay. Here is a song I have just posted (it is a collab with Dsweidel).

I have posted 3 private tracks on SoundCloud

This one is the raw vocal

Then this one is manually tuned with Melodyne

Then this one is processed using Izotope Nectar

Hope this helps.

This has turned into an interesting thread to read through, -- glad to read the questions and answers, very much. Music 2

I think the vocals are the most important part of a demo. If you sing well then the whole song, and demo too, sounds good. Singing in tune can be a technical thing. You can tune your voice like tuning a guitar by either learning how to sing in tune or tune it with some software. But it's also a question of style. There are lots of singers who sing flat or sharp, but as a whole sound great ( Dylan, Cohen, Waits, Young etc ). Many reggae artists are famous for singing flat and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But if the Beach Boys would sing flat I wouldn't like it at all!

If you've put a lot of effort to learn how to sing in tune, you wouldn't waste that just to sing flat all the time. You'd try to sing as much in tune as you could. One of my friends knows how to sing and he knows how to sing flat on purpose. It's so funny when he does it. And it seems it is easier to sing little bit flat than to sing little bit sharp.

So, I tune my vocals manually if I have the time and if it fits the song. I use Reaper's ReaTune. You get a great ear training when you think you just made a perfect vocal take and then you look at the curves in a tuning software and they are all over the place. You learn to hear those flat notes pretty quickly.

Anyone who wants to learn the "truth" about their singing in tune should take @JoanneCooper's offer. And Joanna, I think your isolated vocal tracks prove that you have to have a good breathing technique first, to be able to sing notes in a steady voice like you do. If the color or sound of the vocals changes uncontrollably during a note, you can't just tune it out. But you can do a lot.

For most people, who are just trying to keep in tune, tuning software is probably a good idea - go hard on the base pitch and gentle on the pitch drift to keep note slides and character.

But some voices need to be left alone - the imperfections make the performance. Dylan is an obvious one, but imagine Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel with SH's vocals tuned to perfection in Melodyne - doesn't bear thinking about!

I listened to the track differences. This is so cool! I hear how those micropitch slips are eliminated in the tuned vocal track. That’s exactly what I’m looking to do, too. A way to eliminate the distraction of those few cents. My voice exhibits the same quality sometimes. And it can be due to whatever’s in the air or how much sleep I’ve had and no matter how hard I try I cannot fix it. It is the source of endless annoyance to my ears and so many utterances of “if only” while I’m listening to my old tracks.

I know not everyone can hear the difference but I think it doesn’t matter if you can consciously tell the diff or not. I think that everyone notices it somehow even if it’s just in how engaged or connected someone feels with the song. You aligned the micro pitch without losing very much of the character of your voice. I can hear a little smoothing of timbre but nothing that takes away from your voice. Very talented tuning!

I think its a great idea. And when i have my album full i will get the lot done!

on a side note, you can also use melodyne as a de-esser with much better results (in my opinion) then any of the other solutions I've tried Smile

JoanneCooper, would you be offended if I offered a similar service through this site? I love tuning vocals, I mainly use Propellerhead Reason now, but used to use Melodyne and it is an amazing tool.

Of course I would not be offended Peter. Please do! The more people who know how tuning vocals can make a difference the better.

Well, when you say "it's NOT autotune"..... I'm thinking, well it kind of is. The creator of Autotune didn't intend for people to use it to sound like robots.
You can use Autotune the same way you use Melodyne, at least that's what I remember from my experience with both. But i understand it may be more of a price tag thing. I don't know, I did have both, but haven't used them in years.
But Joanne is right, everyone could use a little correction and it should be used so you don't know it's being used. Right?
However, i do remember from my musical training is that our western harmony is imperfect and we are used to hearing things a little pitchy anyway.
I think if other elements in the performance make it believable, we don't notice pitch as much. At least we could tell ourselves that, LOL.
But I hear pitchy vocals all the time in released recordings. So I guess in the end, it's kind of depends on what you're going for.

Joanne, I recently got Mixcraft with Melodyne but have not used Melodyne yet. I will send a WAV track order soon. Thanks.

Hi kingwood kowboy. Got the order thanks. Will be working on it today. Maybe it will motivate you to learn to use melodyne. It really is a wonderful tool.

Actually I used to sing pretty off, but then I used the Logic Pro X function called flex pitch as an analyzing tool. Its shows visually how much you are out of tune, even in percentage. I started with pentatonic melodies and analysed the intonation after each time I recorded like 16 notes or 8 bars. And slowly I started to sing more in tune because it forced me to use my body correctly.

It's seldom a cognitive issue but the way you support your body and especcially when the notes are a bit off to the downside.

Flex Pitch in Logic Pro X is a correction tool like melodyne, but I think you can hear when it's used or overused It's an eccelent analyzing tool to become a better singer, though.

Hi All
There has been quite a bit of interest in this so thank you all for your support! If you want a BIAB backing track for your original song I have created a new gig for that. It is here https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d2232b8697

See you all at FAWM!

Thanks, but I know a girl called Mary Jane that "tunes" them even better!