Tribute Challenge - Do a homage to a real existing person

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The subject title says it all: Write a tribute song to a person who exists (or existed) in real life!
Yesterday I made a short song about the German astronaut Ulf Merbold. After doing this, I thought it could be a nice challenge subject.

That's all!

So let's see how many Trump songs will grow out of this... Wink

Have fun!

Here is my own contribution:

Here is my tribute to Jean Harlow:

Marije wrote her beautiful lyric as her vision for what happened to Chester Benningtons. Here is a link to our collaboration with beautiful vocals by Val:

The first track I recorded this summer was a tribute to my hero, the jazz fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth, who passed away earlier this year.

already did two this season
one for my great aunt elsie

and the other for my grandpa sid

I wrote one for our very own Nadia. It's on my page, and it's called Nadia's Room.

Edit for link -

I suppose my track today is kind of that.

Nadia suggested I could use the song about my Granddaughter Kindle here also.

Edwin Forest and William Charles Macready, two actors that were the epicenter of the Astor Place riots of 1849.

This is dedicated to the greatest hero of our age: the 'this is how we glue it' guy.

I wrote a song about Mary Doyle, the model for Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter.

I wrote one for @Acousticmaddie

Oh, darn... I accidentally did this challenge.

And I wept whenI heard it <3 Thanks @SimonWaldram

It's a pleasure Maddie. x

Here's mine, thanks reklov!

I'm waaaay behind (started a month late) and desperately needed a challenge like this.

I had been planning this since Chester Bennington's suicide and then this challenge dovetailed nicely with it.

Here's my offering:

I've put the full text of the story on the song page, but this is a tribute to a couple whose tragic story has gone viral on twitter in the last couple of days

I can't highly recommend both listening to the song (which is extremely well done) and reading the story (warning: heartbreaking) that @French Cricket has posted.