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Really wishing I'd brought my Merlin or something along with me on this family road trip, right about now... but it's quiet in the hotel room and the kids/wife are sleeping, so probably for the best.

As I travel, I'll be poking my head by to comment on songs here and there, but won't be writing anything or making any music till I get home...

Cheers from Iowa!

@metalfoot are you journaling? My wife has lots of relatives in Iowa, we will be going there in a few weeks.

@AndyGetch Not really journalling. Might post here off and on with any adventures, and am logging travel on FB for my parents' and in-laws' sake, since our Canadian cellphone is ridiculously expensive to use state-side. We might pass back through Iowa but will likely do Wisconsin/Minnesota on the way home.

We should probably have a "how to do 50/90 while traveling" thread - maybe it can be this one.
Last year, I went to Ohio for 9 days to visit family. I recorded two songs the day before I left, but I posted them during my trip. Also, I wrote lyrics for a song and added music when I got home. I had thought I might get the chance to play the old family piano (now at my sister's house) and write/record something on it, but that didn't happen. I did try to keep up with commenting while I was gone.
In August, I'm going on an 11-day yoga retreat, but I will have wifi access in my room (and no roommate like I had on my last retreat) for commenting. And I'm sure all the yoga will inspire some song ideas that I'll write in the notebook I'll have nearby most of the time.

@Chip Withrow I wish I were more into writing lyrics separate from tunes but I like to do them together, so I'll wait till I get home before I truly get writing. Makes the joy of 50/90 all the stronger... (and I might be wearing my FAWM t-shirt in solidarity with those who have commenced to rock without me)

I'm in an airport on the way to Sydney from London, I've been using the time to think of lyrics - no instruments needed. I might tag the songs as "jet lag" An iPad with garage band works for creating music with the loops and instruments that come with it and the internal mic is good enough for a rough demo.
PS I should have brought a harmonica.

Scribbled an idea for a start of a lyric in my drawing/sketch book.

I have arrived at my destination for vacation... now to enjoy some R&R and not feel too guilty for not writing songs... (seriously, I'm jonesing to jump into the action of 50/90 but promised my wife I wouldn't spend vacation songwriting...)

OK, so I bought a bunch of drawing supplies today in order to fight the songwriting urge. Hopefully it'll work. Wink South Carolina is so DIFFERENT from Manitoba. My goodness.

Get in touch with your prehistoric ancestors, and beat on a log while singing. Smile Record to phone! Just like your prehistoric ancestors! Biggrin

No, no. Deal was that I wouldn't write songs while down here. I certainly *could*... but trying to play fair.

If you're spending time on the songwriting forum anyway why not write a couple? Biggrin

Checking the forum's one thing, starting to make lots of noise, singing snippets to myself to get a tune idea etc, is a different thing!
But 1 week from today we'll be at @darcistrutt's place and there will be music...

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I hope all of you have a great time making music and memories! Enjoy!

So excited to host you all next week!! I have enough instruments to share. Biggrin Travel safely @metalfoot !

Last day before we hit the road again... spending all of Tuesday in Tennessee, so expecting that alone should be good for inspiration for a country song or two...

Highlight of the day: having lunch with the lead singer of one of my favourite bands of all time (Christian rock band called "Undercover" that released a bunch of albums in the 80s and early 90s).