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What do you do, if anything?

Does the shift effect/affect you in any way?

I often write as I play.
As in, I make a lot of songs up as I go along.

Hey Fuzzy -- that's interesting. I love that, or used to, -- did it in groups. Not hearing to many folks into that.

So, in answer to my own:
Me, when I write, I write, and when I "play", I am doing just that. When I play a song, I am feeling it, more than hearing it. Which is why many times, when I just listen only to a song, it may not sound as good, so to speak. A weird thing with me. But, I do get "lost" when I play, loose track of time and etc.

For me, whenever I do one long enough (write vs play/perform) I feel I am missing out on the other, or, I for some reason get hammered with ideas and simply HAVE to write them down. That's frustrating if writing other, or in "playing" mode.

For me, but only when transitioning from writing... it's a "mournful" feeling. However, I know I have to, because, I have all these wonderful songs to play and eventually "cull" out. For me, I know I write allot of krappe Smile hahhh! I have a certain number in what I call my songbook and while some never leave, in time, as years go by, some get back in, but new ones always seem to replace "something".

I hate running up on a song I can't remember how to play, but always have notes enough to figure out. But, I have run into songs and forgot I wrote it... then hear it, and I am like, "wow, I wrote that"? Smile (not meaning in any arrogant way... just, well, it's that good Smile for me).

I do have more songs than I would ever have time to play and across a few genre.

One entire category, "spiritual", or "Christian", -- I just play Pub Dom Hymns and none of my own. (They're around somewhere, but, in todays "world" if it's not "Hill song" or from an Old Hymnal... folks are just not into it at all. (Thing is, all those are just songs someone wrote... -- nothing more.)

The Rocktober last year opened up the whole cover thing for me. I really never had engaged it.

If I get time I think it's gonna be the Jackson Browne thing I commented. For some reason, -- if folks don't think it's a song by some famous person, -- it should not touch their ears Smile They seem irritated when like "Originals"..., as I've commented having been asked, "who's that"?! -- Me... and? Wink hahhh

People are entertaining!

I play/practice every day, but I may not write a single song from now until FAWM. With almost 900 original songs written from FAWM '08 til now, I have plenty of material to go back and re-learn. I don't do that as much as I should.
I'll transition back into playing covers, including the couple (at least) that I'll do for Rocktober. I have my annual Thanksgiving acoustic performance of Grateful Dead songs to prepare for.
And I'll prepare a mix of originals and covers for a performance/workshop of kirtan/yoga music.
Those two gigs are my priority - if I have time and feel so inclined ( I'm not feeling it now) I may put together a couple of Bandcamp albums of my best 50/90 songs.
I'll re-learn Christmas songs, too, when the time comes, including a few that I've written.
But I can flip the switch to OFF for songwriting really easily starting tomorrow, and then easily back to ON on February 1.

I have terrible stage fright. While I've played a few open mic nights this summer, I seldom really play out anymore... at least since the band disbanded a few years ago. It's hard to be the singer, I've found.

That being said, I feel like I *should* be playing out as much as possible... and either overcoming the fear or at least coming to terms with it.

For me it's kinda like shifting gears traveling on the same road at a different speed. The only change may be I chase the muse maybe once a week (instead of nearly daily) outside of FAWM, 5090, and NaSoAlMo. Performing and playing inform my songwriting. The reason I started playing is to learn cover songs that move me. Then I was driven to write and perform some of those too, but I stick to friendly gigs. Playing cover songs challenges me to add to my guitar skills to learn something new. Sometimes the challenge is for my arranging skills to capture certain elements of a band song in a solo performance. I really don't know how well a song I have written works until I play it live in front of people and then see how I feel about it. More guitar and arranging skills create more songwriting options. Meanwhile refilling the well in the process of living life is important all year round.