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I see the usual good mid-point posts of various kinds. I almost posted this in one, but then thought, hahhh, - what could happen from that?

Now is the time, ask anyone here for more than a few years, when the most special folks remain. And, generally speaking, it's the same ones, down to the same lurkers that pop out. So, what do I mean, in this? Bravo, reach out to folks, post etc. However, if sit at the kitchen table and complain to the same 3 other chairs that they are empty, then? So, all, need to realise they can't read minds and don't know why, why-not of interactions. However, one thing I see, empirically is the folks, if even have been prolifically scheit upon at one time or another, overlook it, and reach out, authentically, persistently and have, provide that interaction. (e.g. ID's left out to protect the innocent Smile )

It's why I had the ad hoc challenge and even encouraged sock-puppets be created to then collaborate with folks never engaged previously.

Now, reaching out, will it always work or even work, - directly. No. I've been, literally FU'd hahhh, and it was allowed, in Forum. So what? It never hurt me. That "karma" seems to have engaged them, if I've observed korrecktly Wink So, while I don't say forget it, I do say, overlook it, - don't stick your hand back in any eternal flames, - unwise. So, be wise.

So, folks need to understand, they may not be able to read minds concerning all the things you think about how it is here, (folks to engage, not engage, be friendly with, not be friendly with), - you're wrong; not likely wrong, might be wrong, you're wrong. So..., after so many years of general posts of, hey, - "looking for collaborators" (interaction, comments, feedback, dialogue), and then when someone does, you do not engage, interact, as if they're not there; well, then, you do reap what you sow, - nothing. And, years down the road, you'll just have that many more years of same-same. The same table you sit at now, with the same empty chairs, with be the same; think back, I'll wait... yes, no, maybe, sorta seeing it.

I could start suggesting examples of folks whom I've observed, - reached out, even after being fully scheit upon and even left a while. But, hey, who really needs that level of explanation, who's here now.

If folks took the time to allow folks to be who, what they are, as they are to be their selves, - versus extending the energy to not engage them, how much better could it be, - for you. Perfect? No, never gonna happen, - ask the Frog with the Scorpion. But different-better, sure why not.

- Oh, well Fool

When folks reach out, and you do not engage, they "assume" they may be bothering you and so, after whatever it is that occurs or does not occur, well, derUgo, sEa? This is not the place to work out personal-personal issues with people here as your personal, exampled, punching bags, - so to speak, generally speaking. The music is personal enough, leave the other personal krappolla out of that part of it. Keep it in the music, to be sure, but not splash on the persons engaging you. I've been around, among other types, Artists life long, and many, seek a certain level of ability to interact, - it can be done regardless of genre. It's not taught any more it seems. However, it is possible, - left, right, middle, sideways, random... - just say'n, just say'n Wink So, if then feel "splashed", - wait, see, you can't read minds and you really have no idea what happened, until you do and not "form" it into what you think it is, - it never is. But, you can make it that.

- So, do, randomly post as you like and ask for more interaction to the empty kitchen table chairs you sit across from, - as always, as you like! Fool Or, specifically engage for the same with some durability. You are durable, aye? You're "here", now.

Surprised no one replied until now. Yes, if you're still here, you're durable - good point!
I agree also that there's no sense griping about how slow it's gotten around here (no more or less so than most other years, I think). I'm still having some fun, making some music, interacting with the usual suspects (and some new folks, too).
I wonder how many active users are still around - by active I mean: checking the site almost every day, posting a song every couple days or so, listening to others' songs at least every other day, commenting here in the forums (that's actually what I do least, maybe every three or four days).
My guess is 30-40 of us regulars? And still some who are less regular but will be in and out until the end. All in all, enough to keep me going. If it ever got to be a grind, I'd just stop doing it.
Different from FAWM, for sure, but I like both equally. If one can maintain FAWM-like enthusiasm for 90 days, that's epic and admirable. I like knowing I can take off a week (as I did mid-July) and five days (as I will in September) and still jump back in.

I've been working it.

This is my first 50/90 and I'm waaaaaahaaayhaaaay behind! LMAO! But is has been good for my writing process. I try to comment on songs first thing in the morning. I will also comment on the songs around my posting, started doing that a little bit ago. Will also go to the site of commenters and comment on theirs. This doesn't happen right away but that's the bar i'm setting.

I'm in the forums occasionally.


This is my first 50/90 and I did not have any expectations when I started. I “lurked “ for a week or so, then jumped in, using YouTube to post. Then I signed up to the hosting site. I have collaborated(hooray), skirmished(hooray) and now attempting multi tracking(baby steps). I ask questions and so far, each one has been answered. I am learning many things, and hopefully some friends.