Too Late? Post Your Post-50/90 Song!

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I seem to have hit a pocket of inspiration right as the metaphorical ending gong has rung. I could probably have resisted posting post-50/90 songs to the forums, except this one is specifically for the kind of people who are likely to hang around here. People who seem to have a song for every occasion. Here are the lyrics:

IIt's nice to have a song for every occasion
But when you find you don't, you can use this one

Here it is, a song for every occasion
(Aren't you glad that you don't have to miss one?):

"I do indeed have the perfect song
And no one can tell me I'm wrong

Here it is, a song for every occasion
Bet you weren't expecting me to pull this one"

And here is the link:

Splendid! Great to have a song for any and every occasion! I will memorize it and will be ready for anything !!!!

Andy @andygetch, I and Michael @jamkar had a collab.

Not really post 50/90 cause this was a work in progress since August.

Just the other day Andy sent me his raw recordings (vocals and guitar) and I had the honor to try to make it work in Logic, I did so the past two days. Pretty pleased with the outcome!

Oh, and @simpleiscomplex ... that's a pretty and captivating vocal melody, nice!