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My Facebook page reminded me about this Kickstarter today, only now it's not a Kickstarter AND you can download it for free. I wanted to create a paired down version for my kids. Anyway, thought someone here might be interested in using this to challenge themselves. I might go ahead and buy it for the dice.

Looks interesting and fun.

Thanks for the head's up @katpiercemusic - I decided to order a set for fun! I haven't had enough theory in my life and this looks like a fun way to get just a bit more!

Thanks @katpiercemusic!! I'm gonna order this!!

Sounds neat, I may print them out.

He has a "try before you buy" link:

Which redirects to:

-- I remember doing "song-circle's" like this. He's correct, this stuff has died out geared to much to "performance" (recreation of already done), not-fun. It would be great if it caught on!, again!