Tintinnitus, or why collaborating with lyricists isn't a total waste of time.

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Why, hello, you laudable artists of 50/90!

We're a diverse lot, we willing participants of timed songwriting challenges. We bring a range of talents and contributions to the event. Many of you will be the sole authors of your demos; writing, composing, playing and singing like the magnificent army of one that you are. Others, like me, are strictly lyrics-only, and seek the help of others to turn words into songs.

And so, for the second time, I have compiled my collaborations with the stars of FAWM and 5090 to bring you a leap-FAWM's worth of listening pleasure. Tintinnitus, a free-to-download album, is now available on bandcamp.


A true international effort, this album features contributions from New Zealand, Australia, The UK, The US, Canada, Mexico, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway.

Come, listen, and explore themes of fortune, luck, superstition, the passage of time, consciousness, greetings, partings, and our ultimate fate.

And, on the way, meet a cast of characters and storytellers unlike any other: An amorous brigand, a motley poker crew, a lovelorn apothecary, a Nordic Hugh Hefner, a fellow born before his father, a mayor having the most trying day of his career, and the world's most undesirable man.

Tintinnitus. May it ring ever in your ears.

Thanks for sharing. Gonna go check it out. Also, I'll have to put a collab on the to do list (don't get your hopes up, my to do list started in 1976 and has never been completed at any time since then.)

No worries. It can join the collaboration I started with an artist in 50/90 2010 for which we are, as of this writing, about a minute and a half in.