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I have instigated the Master List posts for both the normal Skirmishes and the Super Skirmishes, but I can't remember which timezone we use as the midnight point. I mean which timezone denotes when its skimish J16a or J17a.
This will affect the labelling of the SuperSkirmishes too.

As soon as I have the answer I will add the info to the master list posts Smile

Thank you !

I'll be honest in saying I don't fully remember. But I assumed it was London time as that's what I go by for everything else. (London -6 for me, for instance.)

Also, in the past, we've labelled some of the skirmishes SS1 etc., but I'd rather be consistent. Was it SS16A etc., with the time changing at London? I think so.

@plainwhitetoast may remember the proper protocol better than I

@Amanda West
For the first superkirmishes, we did one every two hours, stating at 12:00 (noon) UTC. There were 12 skirmishes. During 50/90 that year, I organized it so there was a skirmish each hour for 24 hours, and each started at 7pm in the respective timezone as it moved around the planet. One per hour was a bit much, so after that we went back to one every 2 hours. Start times seem to vary for the first.

The main consideration is, since we like to run them on weekends, that the folks in Wellington are finishing up late Sunday night.
something like this:

first skirmish: Friday, 9 PM EDT, Saturday, August 17, 1 AM UTC, 2 AM BST, 1 PM NZST
last skirmish: Sunday, 7 AM EDT, 11 AM UTC, 12 PM BST, 11 PM NZST

I'm not sure that the timezone labels are accurate to the time of year (fairly certain, but too lazy to look), so double check if scheduling.

EDIT: really, you could maybe start the first skirmish two hours earlier, but somewhere in those ranges are the sweet spot. It depends on how many skirmishes you want to run within the range.

Thank you @plainwhitetoast