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Yep. Flying Tadpole is off again, this time with a compendium of former FAWMer and FiftyNiner Favourites which the outside world DESERVES TO HEAR! Well, you know what the outside world is like, punishment it deserves... probably launching Tuesday 22nd if no new chaos or disaster descends... Spread the word...

[EDIT] and now started at

Biggrin Love the video @Tim Fatchen

See You In The Shadows…

...and it has just launched! I was going to say throw a penny in the hat but I think the exchange rate makes that about $1.32 Biggrin Anyhow, have a look inside! You might find your comments looking back at you! (Candle, for sure!)

Kickstarter doesn't do Paypal Sad Any other way to support via Paypal? I don't have credit cards.

See You In The Shadows…

It's a real problem with Kickstarter, because PayPal is always my preference too. I don't know that there's a workaround it, I'll have a think and pm you direct via here

One possible workaround is you get someone like me to order on your behalf and then I mail it along to K-town, @Candle. Or if you order something digital, you can mail me a cheque or something. Or buy me something from Lake of the Woods Brewery. Wink Just something to consider...

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I think @metalfoot just wants a nice 6-pack and doesn't want to buy it for himself Biggrin

Goodluck @Tim Fatchen I know some people who have had some success with kickstarter in the past, that is a great video, you've sold it well!

LOW Brewery usually sells Growlers. Not a lot fo six-packs. Or so I've been told. I'm a Whiskey guy (as many of you know). I grew up with the smell of fermenting hops (my Dad has made his own Beer since I was young), so Beer sort of turns my stomach Biggrin Besides, they also have quite the line of shirts & other non-alcohol related items for sale. They do pretty good in that old fire hall built on the former lot of the rink where Kenora won the Stanley Cup in 1907 (only time in history I wouldn't have cheered for Montreal in the Cup final Lol )

Maybe we can work something out @metalfoot. I can PM you maybe.

See You In The Shadows…

Thank you @dzd and thanks for the vote of confidence too !!

Part of the song-list is on the update and (surprise! surprise!) all the songs so far intended are ex-FAWM or ex-50/90! Now how does that come about...

Great video @Tim Fatchen, i hope you reach your target quick smart, the CD sounds eclectic!

Thanks @Calum Carlyle, it's getting there! Last one, a couple of years ago, got funded to the point I was actually able to pay profit shares to the collaborators (lyricists), about a cup of coffee each! (or 2 cups of coffee in one case). We're rich, we're rich! But seriously, it makes possible a lot of things--once you hit retirement or rather retirement hits you, there often isn't money room to move much.

We're STUCK at 80% funded. Need a handful more backers to get this Bane of Buskers kickstarter across the line. Flying Tadpole is sending his minions out with multiple begging hats on other media, so I'm waving here again too. There isn't much still needed to push this super CD/album into go! mode.

And anyone here who might be cowering in the shrubbery wondering, all the updates are public too, and the songlist has been firmed up:

The little kickstarter has reached its goal! (huzzah! huzzah!) and the CD/album WILL NOW HAPPEN and descend on an unsuspecting world.

There is only a double handful of backers though and it would be nice if more brave souls entered the tent, even at the penny level. (It's quite safe, I've locked the needles in the drawer and put the teeth away).

Besides, if we can reach the stretch level I'll be forced to do what i should've done some time ago and properly publish more sheet music for backers!

Throttle me a Busker kickstarter is counting down to the end, and this is the FINAL WAVE of the Begging Hat!!

Flying Tadpole, the FT Travelling Blues Band and I are delighted that the wonderful backers have pushed well past the basic goal, so this album, and music publication WILL happen. Indeed, so far past the goal that serious extras have been thrown in if we can just squeak a little more: only needs two or three more mid-range backers for the extras to happen too!

(Don't forget, there's even a AUD $2 backing option to ensure permanent name and fame without pain!)