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Approximately three weeks (okay, just under 20 days) left in the challenge. How's it going? Who's still active? Where are you at? Gimme an update if you will.

I'm still here, although my participation will be spotty the next two weeks due to a busy stretch at work. I hope to have some time this weekend, at least, both to write/record and to listen/comment. I'm presently at 27 songs, and if I can hit 30 by the end of 50/90, I'll be happy; if I somehow reach 35, I'll be ecstatic.

The vast majority of my output this 50/90 has been beard songs, many of which I'm quite happy with, and I expect most of my remaining output will follow that theme. Combined with the ten or so beard songs I've previously written, it should be possible to come up with a selection of 12-15 (or even 20?!?) of the best, which I then will lightly (if at all) revise in October in the hopes of releasing a Bandcamp and Spotify beard album by Halloween ... just in time to start some new recordings, on a new theme, for NaSoAlMo.

i'm at 20. will be stoked if i get to 25. last year, i did twice 50 lyrics, so i'll be happy with half 50 this year....

Eight songs to go, and I feel like I'm approaching the finish line in cement shoes.

Still here! (With @LadyRed ). Crossed the finish line, but need to catch up on comments...

still here too! Wrote alot of topical and political songs in addition to 'other stuff' and, since the political/topical stuff sometimes gets dated somewhat fast, decided to polish up those, pick the best ones, and issue an album on bandcamp. "Summer of the Orange Disaster" is out now (google it and my name, or go to my page here for a link, if you're interested). Wrote a bunch of 'other' songs too, which I'd like to do something with at some point.Two or three of them are about extended family members/ancestors, so that might be a theme I might explore in the remaining few weeks and see if that'll get me anything interesting ....

I have a FAWM's worth and I am probably done unless there are skirmishes. I have had the busiest summer ever and fall looks just as crazy. Now, each time I get a cool song idea I am thinking more towards saving it for FAWM.

Crossed the finish line, but almost no demos. I hope to work on those. If I get any more songs, it's bonus Smile

Ten to go! We can do this!

I reached 26 yesterday. I have a few lyrics written that need accompaniments, so I'll get them done over the next few days. I don't know how many more songs I'll get finished, as I seem to post a few songs, and then start thinking the next few are bad songs and so have to spend several days getting past that. But in a way that's a reason to carry on, not to stop.

I'm more than happy with my 15, three of which are previous lyrics that I revised/re-wrote/polished up and found a musical home for this time around.

Major life stuff got in the way this summer, but I've jotted down a few random ideas in anticipation of FAWM.

I'm at 22, with three in progress and a couple more ideas bubbling away. I'd been increasingly thinking that 25 was my target so it looks like I'm on course to beat that - will be delighted if I get to 30. I think I've produced more consistent quality this year than I ever have during 50/90 which is a good feeling.

I'm at 20 with a few ideas for more. 25 would be a pretty good total and I'd be very pleased if I got that far.


I hit 20, which was my vague goal. I have one in production, with a cutup lyric, but no ideas beyond that at the moment. I'm hoping to hit a nice round 25. I'm still commenting, and have cleared 200 comments. It may be possible to hit 300, but life might intervene.

It looks like everyone is going for an end of challenge push whenever time allows. That's cool.

I'm on the edge of victory. Only three songs to go and three collabs in the works. I'm very happy with this 50/90.

I'm still here, but barely.
I'm at 17 I think, which is pretty good considering that this has been the busiest most intense summer I've ever had. Frankly, I'm surprised that I got anything done.
I'm going to try to get one more song posted, but that may not happen.

83 as of today, still on track to reach my personal goal of 90. Some I love, some are decent seeds of ideas I might flesh out, others are hot garbage. But I'm very satisfied, I really doubted I could do it.

I am at 98*. My kids have contributed a dozen or so. I still have a few irons in the fire, including my magnum opus for this year.

4 glorious songs, but one of them I spent about a month and a half on working on to hone my production skills.

45. July to August was just me goofing around, the first 36 songs where random but now I've got an album mind and more focus.

I was going too fast and losing quality so I've only been doing songs when inspired and working a little better so there have been more spaces and sudden explosions. I intend to make it to 50 either with the album minded songs or by doing whatever near the end.

I'm still very much here. Joined a month late and I'm on 24. I still hope I can hit 50 by the end of the month... Not sure though. I like about 10 of the ones I've written but I'm trying to keep my inner critic asleep until October. Very pleased with the progress. Smile

39 and flagging, but still determined to get to 50.

Well, now there are less than 2 weeks to go. I'm at 48, with 4 written and ready to record, and 1 that I recorded before Hurricane Irma and would like to add a banjo or mandolin to. Plus an old not-so-good song (from my pre-challenge days) to scavenge and re-write. So I'll get to my goal of 50 solo demos, and I might even do another collab (I've done 3 so far) if I find some lyrics that inspire.
The goal I'm more concerned about reaching is 300 comments given. I'd like to do it by Oct 1, but hopefully enough folks will stick around after that I can keep going and know my comments are being read.

I only start getting active now ...
A lot got in the way before. Like life. My output is not very big so far, but anyway, I'm hoping to get some more stuff written for my album "Secular" and am looking forward to the Album Production Challenge.

I have achieved my personal goal of 90. Gonna spend time polishing my faves and listening.

I've hit 50 and done a couple of quickie non-keepers since. Still two collabs to finish and then reassess and maybe do more, maybe not.

I, too, am looking forward to the Album Production Challenge

I'm at 46 (47 if you count one i've worked on a bit and am still not happy with at all)..... it's weird, I do want to get to 50, but feel kind of out of ideas, etc. this is the point when it's 'throw alot of probably not-good ideas against the wall-and see what sticks', I guess.

also looking forward to the 'album production challenge'....

I need to wrap up or at least post placeholders for several collabs in progress, and hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Three more solo demos gets me to my personal goal of 50. As time permits I may rewrite/rerecord a few. Power loss for 10 days ( back on now) from hurricane Irma severely interrupted my ability to listen comment so I have a lot of reads, listens and comments to do.

I love you guys! Smile

With 12 days to go, I'm at 21---- I might have a shot at a double FAWM (28 songs) but I've been oh so busy with beginning orchestra classes the last few weeks. I'm teaching six classes at three schools this year--- something near 100 students, two thirds of which have never played a string instrument before!

I'll press on for the second tier of century club before I leave, and shoot for 28. The weekend should be helpful.