Three-fifths of the way through! How are you doing?

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Time for some math again!

Take your song total, divide by three, and multiply by five. That's your projected final count. Same math for comments given.

I waited until I got to 39 songs posted, because the math works out evenly: 39/3 equals 13, times 5 equals 65. And I'm also on pace for 300+ comments given.

I'm a little bit ahead in both departments of where I finished last year. How are you doing?

Well, I've got 24 on my list, and almost 300 comments given, so I'm feeling pretty good, thanks for asking!

21 songs, so 35 projected. And 550 comments, so about 900 predicted. Sounds about right. Smile

I'm right up there with you Chip, just finished my 39th song. Would've been more but had a pretty full on night shift at work all last week and I've only started feeling human today hence the new song Smile

I'm slowly pulling through. Currently I have 26 songs (on the way to finishing a 27th).
Again, I don't really care much for giving comments at the moment; like I said in my previous post I'll focus on that after the challenge is done.

@Edward Roussac, the problem with that approach is no one will be around to appreciate your comments. Also, if you give comments during the challenge you will find you will get a lot more listens & comments on your songs.

My totals would be 153 songs and 670 comments. Which at the moment seems monumental because of work, but I do plan to get some writing done on my day off this week and I will be off from Sept 14-22. I am also hoping to get more of my lyrics put to music in the back end of the challenge, so if anyone out there wants to do that just let me know. Especially while I am patiently waiting for my vacation to start.

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I would like to create, consume and comment a lot more but it is like it is...

I project out to an astonishing 116 songs and 836 comments. Neither of which are realistic. Although I might go ahead and try to get to 100 songs with demos this year. This is the closest I've ever gotten so it just may be now or never.

I'd project to 110 and 925, which are both pretty reasonable for me.

Totally agree with @johnstaples about giving comments means getting more comments. Also, then you're part of the community! Through commenting back and forth, I've developed some cool online friendships over the years.
I've done 50+ songs eight times, so my commenting number is almost as important to me. (The main goal is still to write songs.) My comment numbers aren't as impressive as some of you, but I do make sure I reciprocate and I still find time to hit the Songs page every few days.
I sure admire those of you who are creating in the 100-song range, especially with demos. I think my highest total was 67 a few years ago. I usually go for 50 solo demos and then some collabs.

I hit the FAWM goal (14 songs in 28 days), but the 50/90 goal is seeming a little beyond me right now...

It's not clicking for me this year at all. Still enjoying listening and commenting but I'm not going to push myself to keep writing unless it comes naturally.


25! So half way. Will this be the year I hit 50???

@Adnama17 you can do it!!!!

I've slowed down. I comment in bursts, and I'm posting a song a week or so. BUT. With the collabs in the pipeline (thank you 4-track cassettes!) I should get to 20 easily and soon. Then I have the rest of 50/90 to do a couple/rew more, so maybe I'll hit 25. Which works for me!

95 songs posted? But I've already started instituting the self-cap at 50, so as I add more songs I drop off other songs from my list. This year it keeps a nice clean list of 50 present -- a single page -- for potential readers/listeners.

The lyrics-only stuff I'm making is related to some very experimental software I'm writing. I'm not sure if I'll have results from it during 50/90 or if the fruit won't be seen until next FAWM.

Is it 3/5 already? That seemed to come up really fast.

21 done as of now.... so the total (if i had gotten to 21 a few days ago and could keep up the same pace) would be about 35, I think

is alot more then i thought i would do, given all the out-of-left field stuff i've had this summer (medical, basically, tho getting better now)

have done a few in the last few days that i'm fairly happy with, so that's good.

good luck everyone!

I'm showing 44 songs and 100 comments. But 44 songs is misleading because I only write lyrics. Of my lyrics, 16 have been turned into songs. But a few of those, I didn't post the lyric first -- I sent it to a songwriter who then posted it. So I don't know where I'm really at numbers wise except happy! And there are plenty of lyrics left to be turned into songs if any songwriters need some inspiration. And I ain't done yet!