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Whew! That was a great 50/90. What a huge pile of awesome music y'all have created! Looking forward to February now!

48 songs and still 1 day left... I know I can make it!

I know there's a little bit of time left, but between repelling that secret invasion by the deaf music-hating mole people and my sold out stadium concert tour, the summer kind of got away from me. I'll have to be satisfied with the 46 I finished, even if only four of them actually charted as Billboard #1 hits.

I'm wondering why there were so many songs about chickens this year.

Yea, I heard that 87.2954% of FAWMers have at least one chicken on their property, the most popular being the Silkie (no surprise there really).

@OdilonGreen those 4 charters are awesome but do you think you are going to hit 50? What's the barrier? There's still a little time left!

who will be doing Rocktober?

And Limburger. Does anyone else have any questions, which may or may not be answered this late in the game?

I am always out of gas this late in 50/90. I guess I could write another song about my country's former leader but now that he is in prison it is not as much fun!

How *did* I manage to write so many songs?!?!?! And still time to go...

Sigh... I couldn't talk @Mosley into writing lyrics, yet again. I'm going get you during FAWM 2018! Better watch out!

A lot of interesting guesses as to which of my songs contained the leaked information about the Kennedy assassination, but sadly, you all missed it, so the Toblerone rolls over to next year.

Clearly it was the song featuring musical quotations from the Otis Span tune, @Stephen Wordsmith! Amirite? mmm...Toblerone Rolls... Smile

You guys are missing the obvious pun and reference to the 'grassy knoll' in "It's All Downhill From Here." That title would have been prescient at the time, I'm sad to say. (I'll send you my address for chocolate shipment purposes @Stephen Wordsmith.)

I hope at least one of my songs turns out good Bomb

Russ Dirol

No. "It's All Downhill From Here" is obviously about mountain biking around all these chickens. They are everywhere. I don't think there is any deeper meaning to that song.

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So THAT'S who that is!

I think it was a paintball reference.