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Were horror movies just more horrifying before the internet? Or is it just because I was younger? I think that because it's the information age, shit's not scary anymore. But 80s were basically the dark ages. If you were away... you had to locate a glass house on the street to be able to make a phone call. And the other person had to be home to even be able to get the call. Shit going crazy outside was scary because what can you do? Now your phone basically ships with a holywater catapult.

I'm waiting 3d printers to reach that hitchickers guide to galaxy stage where you just press a button and it hands you a burger or something. They're gonna look back at us like "those poor sob's had to wait for 20 hours to print a piece of plastic". In the future you can actually receive emails with free beer (...with poison). Computer viruses won't be just a cute analogy anymore.

That's going to be the new meme or something! The old grannies like me in 2057 are going to be like "My printer keeps churning out spaghetti" because some snotnose hacked my email.

57yo isn't an old granny. In fact, with the state of the art healthcare, it'll more likely be something like 157. Kurzweil told me. But in order to be 157... they would have to be 100 now... hmm. I'm sensing some sort of gap

Imagine being 100 right now... so tired for being alive so long, witnessed two world wars (kinda)... expecting to die soon... and then you live another 60 years. At what point do you start to go like "I guess I should pick up a new hobby"?

People keep going on about longevity and advances in healthcare, but, frankly, I think we've peaked.

We haven't even had a centenarian born in the last 100 years.

Every day when you wake up you are the youngest you will be for the rest of your life.

Life was better in many ways in the 80s.

Horror movies.... I don't know. I think we're afraid of different things as we get older is all. I was afraid of horror movies until I watched one. It was IT. After that I was never scared again, though I still like them and some are unsettling. Longevity... I live in the US, so the state of healthcare our life expectancies are actually going backwards.

@Stephen Wordsmith... I see what you did there. You are a funny guy!

Rhinos are just fat unicorns.

I've been worried about a recurring dream I have, in which I bite the queen of Egypt on the bosom, initiating her untimely demise.

I went and saw a psychiatrist about this, and he told me I might have asp urges.

I think I like mixing A major with A minor 'cause it works for what I want to hear. I think I like having no idea what Key I may be in at any give time and then when I think I know, someone says it's another... probably a relative thought. I think I like horror movies of 40 years ago much better, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Mummy, Dracula, Abbot and Costello ... Alfred Hitchcock was a great picture maker ...

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I can't stand the blood and gore of horror movies. I don't care if it's really ketchup. It's gross! I call them gory movies. I do however, like suspenseful movies that have an actual story line. I used to love that show, the twilight zone and others mentioned above also. I think the creepiest show I ever watched part of was about the Manson guy. I was way too young to be watching it--can't believe my parents didn't push me out of the room--probably thought I was too young to "get it". I think the last horror movie I ever watched was Nightmare on Elm Street only because I was at a slumber party (on Elm Street) with a bunch of friends. I didn't want them to think I was chicken, so watched that disgusting movie even though it made me want to vomit. Blah, yik, ewwww! (None of them would even venture to the bathroom alone it so freaked everyone out), but in reality, a scary ghost story had the same effect in an old house that has hidden passageways--Another slumber party where we'd dare each other to lead the way through the dark hidden passages in the house.

Music is just interpretations by your brain of vibrating air.

In a vacuum, there would be no sound.