Things to do in lockdown?

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It's winter here and COVID is firing up and down the Oz eastern seaboard; Melbourne's just out of lockdown (again) and now Sydney looks like going in. And of course our Canadian cousins are having more than their fair share....

Soooo, lockdowns are going to remain a fact of 5090 for some of us for the foreseeable future.

In 2020 I was locked down or in isolation/quarantine for literally a quarter of the year. (But my lockdown slotted between FAWM and 5090) One of the things I came up with was a 20minute videoed improvisation: and a couple of other song+vids on youtube.

If lockdown fever hits here this time, I have a fallback musical to write (not the main plan but there'd suddenly be lots of time. Again.)

What will you do?

In Michigan, here in the USA, the authorities just opened up everything entirely, not even a masking mandate, and as in Australia the Delta variant is taking off here like a rocket. And since I live in an economically depressed area that is "majority-minority," the vaccination rate is garbage - just the same old systemic racism and classism once again fixing to kill people. I have severely immunocompromised family members; I so much wish we were going into lockdown, or at least still requiring masking and such. Morons. Scientifically illiterate morons. Great grampa should never have moved to Chicago from Australia. Smile

My state is opening up July 1st, but I'll still be working from home for the most part, so I'm not expecting my routine to change much. I'm not ready to ditch the mask yet as my wife is high-risk, so I'm feeling a little nervous about how things will be outside of my tiny home.

@TomS, oof, that's rough. Stay safe out there.

Yes. I apologize for being so negative here. But I am spitting mad. Unhappy with the response of my employer as well.

We're in lockdown starting in 2 hours.

I can't record while mum is home. Too self-conscious.

I only have 5 songs so far, and 2 vocals recorded that need music. It's day 17, so I should be at 10 done by tomorrow. Already behind and now a lockdown... *sigh*

Those 2 vocals are for electronica songs, so I can work on those at least. But by the time we're out of lockdown, I'll probably need to do a song a day for 3 weeks to catch back up.