There are two types of people in the world...

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1.) People who will take "nice little song" as the compliment it was meant to be.
2.) People who will always wonder: why did they need to include the word "little" in that?

I guess I know which one I am. Biggrin

Anyone else have a weird reaction to a word/phrase you see in song comments?

I'm usually the giver of weird comments

There is one phrase. But that's outlined in my comment policy on my profile.

Good question... had to think about all the inductive meaning, possibilities in it. (Ironic : )

-- No, not "here"

The English language is a funny thing. It is spoken in so many parts of the world and in so many different cultures. Even in the U.S. the same word can carry a different meaning in different parts of the country. Although the regional dialects and worldwide differences have been blurring with international media, entertainment, and the internet. My 1980's faded 1,532 page Webster's Collegiate Dictionary lists 15 different meanings for the word "little" as a noun, adjective or adverb. In my experience each of the meanings has multiple memory associations where some of my heavy baggage could easily drop on my toes. Instead, I'm grateful for the listen and give folks the benefit of the doubt in FAWM and 5090, presuming that a compliment is meant. Or it could be turned it around and used as a self-challenge to write to the title "Nice Little Song". Smile

> Instead, I'm grateful for the listen and give folks the benefit of the doubt in FAWM and 5090, presuming that a compliment is meant.

Oh, same here. The rational part of me doesn't think anyone means to snub by using that phrasing. But I've seen it used a couple times, and there's an irrational part of me that can't stop asking itself "little, how?"

ha... what's that old line.. 'there are no small parts, only small actors'?

maybe think of little as in...' now it's little, the way some huge iconic hit song was just a 'little thing' when it was first written, but then later became huge..... or... not. Just enjoy, don-t over-analyze, tho I totally know what you mean...

And for the record, I said "Nice little groove you got goin there." :P LOL

I've gotten the "nice little song" comment more than a few times! And at the suggestion of my pal @AndyGetch, I just wrote one called "Nice Little Song." But you'll have to wait to hear it - I'm going to post it in a few days as my 50th.
When I receive it, first I take it as a compliment and as one more person who heard my song. But I think it's also because many of my songs are short - I'm to the point now when I think of any song of mine over about three and a half minutes is long. I'm pleased when I can tell a story in a song in two minutes.
And many of my songs are just me and my guitar, and perhaps "little" might mean up close and personal, no big production.
And I wrote "My Little Song" in under 5 minutes, with just a "little" effort.

For my two cents and as per what @Andy Getsch said - over in the UK 'nice little song' would be construed as a term of endearment - not meant in any way to be devaluing it as small. Smile

I am just so grateful for any comment - even if it is little or just says nice idea or fun lines - but I really love the ones that give some feedback that helps me grow or helps me learn more about the person person leaving the comment. The ones that make scratch my head a bit are the ones where someone just tells me a similar experience or feeling they had relevant to the song but do t comment on the song - that does make me wonder sometimes if I completely missed the mark and they have nothing they can say that is positive or constructive.

I know for myself whether I've written a nice song or a nice little song. I wouldn't take offense and that comment.

I think without knowing the person and how they express themeselves, it would be very difficult to accurately judge as to whether the person was being sarcastic in their use of the word little. Best to assume it's a compliment here at FAWM. @kahlo2013 mentioned head scratching when someone leaves a comment that has nothing do with the song structure and everything to do with similar feelings or experiences. I'm certainly guilty of that, but that doesn't mean anything negative. I think songs that you can relate to so much that it brings up all kinds of feelings and memories are great. So when I read/hear a song where the first thing that strikes me about it is a memory or experience, then that's what I comment about.

I think most of what I write is inconsequential. It's not important and I'm not trying to be important, so "nice little song," is probably very apt for most of my music. I think maybe if I were trying to write something important, that phrase might get me really irritated.

I guess I don't like "This is your best song yet" when I know damn well it isn't!

@metalfoot left me a "nice little tune" comment. Why do you hate my song so much, @metalfoot?!? Wink

This is an informative little thread.

@Fuzzy If I say that, it is not out of a sense of malice or ill will. It is that I genuinely thought it a nice tune, and, in my biased and non-scientific way, it seemed "short-ish", hence, little. That's all. Biggrin


One of my favorite original songs is one I'm always calling little. At a gig I'll say, "Here's a little ditty I wrote in the 90's" and launch the song. I may inadvertently be discouraging type 2's in my commentary, and I'm sorry. I've probably included the word 'little' often out of habit and genuine affection. Songs that are short, authentic, simple, and appealing, I'm likely to call 'little', but I'd often prefer them to big songs. My least favorite genres are the ones with big slick production. Words are tricky, sticky... you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Search for intent behind the words and reasons why.

I also have to say that the 'nice little comment' is often just as good (and sometimes better) than the 'big slick comment' in the scheme of things.

I occasionally have weird reactions to a comment at first, but I always value them in the long run. It's what keeps me coming back to FAWM and 50/90. It's so great to hear what other people think when they listen to your song!

I want to write good comments. I want to write good songs.
Sometimes they are. Sometimes they aren't.
Apologies to people who've encountered the bad ones.

I love when I get a comment...any comment...big comment...little comment...even a one-word comment to say you listened! I welcome them all!

When I give comments I like to point out 2 or 3 things I like about the song. If it made me feel something I like to share that. If it reminds me of a famous artist I like to mention that. I might even echo what someone else already said to add weight to a great point.

Wonder if we all should be out commenting instead of going on and on here about commenting??? Smile

This is a nice little message thread.

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who make binary distinctions, people who don't make binary distinctions, and people who don't read the rules.

If people made binary distinctions, surely there are 10 types of people in the world.

What I wonder is about how many people hear a song or read lyrics and don't leave any comment on it, and why? Is it time, situation, or there is nothing good or constructive they are able to say. I tend to leave comments when I can, but do not if I have the jukebox playing and I'm working or driving. I feel like I should go back and leave comments but rarely do. Do you leave comments on most of what you hear/ read? If not, why?

@kahlo2013, that is why I have never been a fan of the FAWM/50-90 jukebox! I feel it encourages passive participation.

Regarding leaving without commenting I almost never do that. I feel like if I cannot think of anything to say it is kinda like writer's block and I need to try a little harder! Smile If I absolutely do not like a song I will return to the same person's soundboard and try one or two more to see if I can find something I can leave a comment on.