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Just for the heck of it I ran a bunch of my lyrics (as a single file) through a plagiarism detector. It found nothing! Fun.

Last night I was going through this summer's lyrics and found I used the word "estranged" twice.

Themes in my lyrics this summer were:

dust, rubble, ruins etc.
you don't really know me
crumbs and leftovers
lies and beliefs
passages, halls, tunnels

I'm sure a psychological profile could be written based on this. I thought it might be fun to go back through everything and see what was on my mind.

Cool idea! You should be seeing ads for Greek vacation packages and flood insurance now.

In mine I found:

food, appetite, taste
the world
the sky
light and dark
the past, memories

I wrote a song about a dream, like @standup, and three songs about the sky, like @nancyrost. And I wrote one storm song and two about rain.
I wrote 4 food songs, 2 moon songs, 3 summer songs, 5 yoga songs, 4 Spanish songs ... and I could keep going if I wanted to dig into the lyrics.
Today I began separating my 800 songs over 11 years into categories, to eventually put out on Bandcamp as concept albums. I started a folder of animal songs (and I did 2 of those this 50/90) and discovered that I have an album's worth of songs just about birds.
I have plans for a blues album, a beer album, a Florida album, a yoga album (already done one of those a few years ago) ...
So yeah, themes - good thread topic!

Next year during FAWM, i plan to write a concept album about communication and friendship.

I started making a list a while ago of themes which appear to recur in my lyrics. It seems I got distracted half way through but here are some of them

- things looping and repeating
- aliens and the extraterrestrial
- mermaids n' sirens
- dysfunctional relationships
-- deception and dishonesty
-- cheaters
-- catfish and romance scammers
-- relationships involving heavy drug use
- people's memories being erased
- manipulative people, particularly their admirable qualities
- split personalities
- determinism
- not being able to tell the difference between reality and dreams
- boats for some reason?

I thought it might be interesting for me to look at each of the 12 songs I wrote in 50/90 and write down themes too

1. Lovers And Good Good Friends - opposite sex friendships
2. Shame - deception
3. The Split - personality deconstruction, insecurities
4. Same Room - cheaters, opposite sex friendships sorta, difficulty with expression
5. Seppuku - difficulty with expression, paranoia
6. XE Live Exchange Rates - depression, humour, the sea
7. P. Jack & Nina - determinism, relationships involving heavy drug use, robots n' humans
8. Faces Face Freak - cheaters
9. Coriolis - borderline personality disorder
10. Honey Bee - cheaters, difficulty with expression
11. South Beach Bathers - opposite sex friendships
12. When You Lie - deception, catfish, the sea

I also attempted to write a concept album during 50/90 2017, and all fifty songs ended up as my Bandcamp concept album "On the Edge of Reality". The concept is about my life over the course of those 90 days. It's kind of a concept album in the same way that the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is a concept album; a handful of songs segue into each other.
If there are any songs on that album that are explicitly thematically linked, they would be songs that I had written about my school's production of the Wizard of Oz, and of course the 26-minute closer "The End of it All" which incorporates all of the song titles in the lyrics.