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Wasn't sure which subforum to post this in, but I just wanted to say:

-----To all the people who have commented on my songs, I appreciate it! Really - thank you!-----

Now, I know some people respond to every comment with a thank-you on the person's soundboard thing, but that seems a little cumbersome to me... So I just wanted to put it out there right now: If I don't specifically thank you, you can rest assured I appreciate the time you took in listening to and commenting on my songs.

That's all I really wanted to say right now. Smile

I too would like to join in thank you to all the commenters so much. I prefer to say it here, on forum rather then on each board and listen to the songs instead of individual thanks. Hope it's ok. Thank you sincerely to everyone who takes time to listen and comment.
Nadia xxxxxxx

Often, I'll thank someone for a comment by leaving a return comment on one of their songs, and failing that, write on their board. But I like this as an idea too! In case I miss anyone, THANK YOU for listening and commenting.

I'll jump on this train to say Thank You also to my commenters. I usually go listen and comment in return for comments, as I think that has value to both parties and is more of an exchange for me. Thanks for starting this thread.

Glad this thread was taken as a positive thing. Smile

For me, I don't specifically go and leave a comment on a commenter's song... Rather, I try to listen to (and comment on) as many songs as I can every day (so far). Pretty sure everyone who's left a comment on 1 of my songs is also someone I've previously commented on. I figure it'll all balance out in the end, but this method is what works for me. Smile

I'm in the throes of selling a house and moving cross-country, so I've fallen behind on listening & commenting. Hope to start catching up in another week or so.

I greatly appreciate all the comments on my songs to date! FiNiners, you are awesome! Smile

Nice idea here cblack. I'm joining the gravy train here and also saying THANK YOU TO EVERY COM MENTOR for taking the time out of your day to listen to and read my songs.

Some people have left some very thoughtful comments on my songs already. It's great.

I was just sitting here thinking about posting a forum like this. I try to get back to everyone, but I know I have missed people. So I too want to thank everyone that'sn stopped by my profile and taken a minute to view my work and collabs.

Seeing how this thread has resurfaced, I'll update the sentiment a bit. I've gotten a tonne of comments since I last posted in this thread, and I appreciate each and every one of them. You guys and gals are awesome!

I now respond a bit more on soundboards than i used to, tho' usually there's a reason. But I still think the time is better spent listening and commenting. I try to hear something of everyone who comments on mine, as well as listening to people I run across (not over!) in forums, as well as randomly pulling songs off the song lists (haven't switched the jukebox on this time). We all love our comments but in the scramble of listening and creating, there often isn't time to craft a loving response.

I used to thank everyone for every comment but I ended up spending most of my allotted music time doing that instead of writing or listening! So now I try and say my "thank you"s by listening and commenting on the songs of those who listen and comment on mine. To me, the "Oscar"-style group "thank you" is too impersonal so I won't do that here! Smile Instead, I'm off to enjoy some songs and give specific comments!!

yes i would like to say thank you for all the comments i have received too. i also approach things by a return comment by way of thanks, but i really really appreciate every comment i get so thank you all Smile