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Thanks everyone for your support. I wouldn't have been able to write as much without your presence and support. So honoured to be part of such a great community. Looking forward to listening to your songs.

Me too. Never would have gotten to 50 without the encouragement.

Yes, me too... in particular to @kc5 who knew I had "challenges" (and "nagged" me : ), to overcome, to even play my guitar... then did over 50 ? OMG!

And, generally commented as much as I did, -- good affect/effect.

I honestly thought, I'd only be observing, --only. So, go figure, again, affect/effect.

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Yeah! I'm such a Smile I've got to thank members here for their support too, even when I wasn't pulling my end of the commenting, some still commented. I really appreciate that I so very much appreciate the feedback and it does encourage more songwriting to know someone is listening to them and even appreciates something of them. I also appreciate people's suggestions for improvement very much and I know its an investment of your time and energy. Hopefully I can contribute to commenting more in the next 50/90. And of course nutation, you are of the persevering sort--"challenges" and all. Glad you got so many songs this 50/90--way to go!

Thanks to all of you fine folks on this thread for your music and comments. I still don't know how I made it to 80 but there you go.

I'm glad I saw this thread to know who's still around so I could comment on your songs - still plugging away toward 300 comments given.
And even though there was some talk in other threads - and fairly justified, too - of this being a down year for 50/90, I felt enough encouragement to push past 50. I love this place.