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Massive thank you to everyone who
collaborated with me this 50/90
it means so much to me that you saw
something in my lyric to share your talent with
and also to everyone who gave me
so much great feedback on my work
you have helped me to progress and learn

if you are one of these lovely people


And thank YOU for leaving kind comments everywhere you go! Your feedback has been invaluable this year. Cheers very much. ☺☺

goodonya mate I enjoyed our collab and thx for your comments!

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Yes - thank you for your support and encouragement. You are more than kind and amazing.

Thanks to everyone on this thread for being awesome 50/90ers! I appreciate all of you!

yes thx to all!

As I've comment in another thread, I really enjoyed this 5090, entirely and for that I am grateful, thankful. And, for the folks or person who like. "Ain't Been No Disney Ride" -- I've never had so many plays on a song in 7 days, I'll mark it as a free down load Smile The cool-one did a great job in the Violin and Mandolin on that one! So, anyway, thanks to all.

Thanks to @owl for getting me to join 50/90 as I had never done one before. Even though I only wrote/recorded 2 finished songs, thanks to everyone who commented on the songs that I posted. My only regret is that I wasn't able to finish the first song that I had started writing/recording as a collaboration in time for the end of 50/90 but I will continue to push forward with it and share it when I can. Thanks for making this a fun reason to create more songs. I look forward to doing it again.