THANK YOU Jibbidy34 for MegaSuperSkirmish!

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Just wanna take a moment and give a shout out and huge THANK YOU to @Jibbidy34 for organizing the final MegaSuperSkirmish and for encouraging all of us to rise up and write a few more songs before we turn into October pumpkins!

After reading this, click on over to @Jibbidy34's page and treat yourself to some awesome music! You will not be disappointed!

Echoing the thanks!!! And I am a die hard fan of her awesome music!!!!

Wooohooo Georgie, we're going out with a bang!

Heck yeah. Georgie is amazing. Thanks for doing this, my friend!

Yes! This last mega super skirmish has been mega super fun!

Thanks to you and all the hosts. This one's for you.

Oh my goodness!! Thanks for the shout out @johnstaples @kahlo2013 @AndyGetch @metalfoot @yam655 & [JWHanberry] BUT you know none of this is possible without any of you!! Thank you for your support and giving up your time hosting and participating. Smile Smile