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Seeing the wonderful collection of ten very short songs recently posted by @helen and @expendable friend at *23165 reminded me of how much fun I had doing the "ten 10-seccond song" challenge when @Steven Wesley Guiles proposed it a year or two ago during FAWM. I'm definitely going to give this another try; if anyone else does as well, tag it #ten-second-songs .

Not ten seconds but if you like short music you will enjoy this http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/22603

Sounds like a fun challenge to undertake! I have several work-related commitments at the moment but will endeavour to take this on soon...

That might be an appropriate level of commitment between baby feeds/changes/playing/naps.

Plus then you'd have a 100 second EP!

I listened back to my FAWM set of ten ten-second songs and remembered that I was working my way through the alphabet. I may have to do another one and tackle K to S!

Here we go... *23216 is a little tour of the metalfoot yard!

Thanks for suggesting this. Rather than songs I'll post some 10 second piano pieces.

I really liked FAWM's jodv's 10 10 second album from a few years back.

Here is mine, not a song though, it's 10 seconds on my trusty piano Smile

You know what is funny, I was just about to write that I know for sure that my 10-second music will have the full play and do you know what? It doesn't. Even 10 seconds can appear too long to listen to.

Okay - here I go flying out of my comfort zone


10 in 10 is heaps of fun. Did two back in 2015 when SWG set the challenge

Here is my contribution. It's made exclusively with body percussion and voices.

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I saw this challenge awhile ago, but just finally got my ten ten second songs done.

I did this and THEN saw the thread, so I'm not sure if I did the challenge right. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/25230