Talent Is Timeless: 50+ acoustic songwriting competition

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I saw this and thought a lot of others might be interested:

To Connect And Inspire Songwriters Age 50+
By shining a light on a 50+ years only stage, we are focusing on promoting acoustic music makers, pairing you with one in a lifetime prizes, world-renowned celebrity judges and unlocking industry opportunities that may have felt a past lifetime away.

We all know that the media discriminates against more mature generations. Talent is Timeless is on a mission to transform songwriting and music-making into an age-positive endeavour, setting you up to celebrate your age, wisdom, experience and most of all, talent.

We want to encourage people to begin their careers in the music industry without feeling that age is a barrier. By supporting you, we support change and create a chance to change perspective.


Who are you calling old?!?

Seriously, though, this looks interesting.

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...aaand of course the opportunity has come and gone.

I believe it doesn't start until February

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@kenmattsson oh? The lead page had me thinking it was over. Thanks for the update!