TAGS for Folks Looking to Collaborate

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After some discussion on another thread (here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/tagging-idea ), I am posting this by common consensus Smile

If you are a lyricist, or musician, or both, and are looking for a co-writer/collaborator for your song, we suggest that you use the following TAGS. This is so that someone looking for lyrics to put to music, for example, only has to type in one tag phrase to bring up all the lyric only posts that are looking to be musicated Smile

Previous to this it seems that there have been at least 30+ tags being used, making things very hard to find. This idea is not compulsory, just for those that want to find or be found easily. It's just that, an idea.


Lyric only looking to be musicated, use: music needed

Music only looking for lyrics, use: lyrics needed

Music/song looking for a vocalist, use: vocals needed

If you are someone looking for more than one of the above, then type this, with a comma between, basically creating 2 consecutive tags: lyrics needed, vocals needed

I hope this makes life easier for a few people Smile I will post this before every FAWM and 50/90 in perpetuity Wink