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Not sure how many others find themselves in the same situation as me. I have about a dozen songs that were started "in between" FAWM and 50/90, most of which are not yet in their finished state, but I still wanted to share them. I think using the tagline "tweener" would be an easy and quick way to let people know I don't consider these songs as part of my "official" count towards 90 songs, but that they are simply new songs I wanted to share with our community.
What say you?

Good plan! I've got a bunch of those too, and I always put off finishing them because I wouldn't have any way to share them with people. So anytime I'm on schedule for getting to fifty and have some time, I guess I'll work on a #tweener. I've actually got a few that were written for previous 50/90s and FAWMs that are totally done, but I just wasn't able to record and post before the event was over and everyone had left, so maybe I'll start with them.

I’ve got lots of music ideas from the between period lying around that have nothing else, even without more than one section!

I could use these I suppose.