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I have noticed that there are many different ways that people are tagging the same thing. This at best will mean folks have to search several times for something, and at worst could mean that some songs are missed completely from a search Sad

Now I know that there is a Tag Cloud, but someone skill has to look in over 20 different searches !

The tags that have brought this to my attention are in the 'lyrics only 'collab needed' 'music needed' and 'vocals needed' area.

For those that have lyrics only songs, and are looking to have them put to music, I have seen 'music needed', 'needs music', 'music-needed', 'needsmusic', 'needs-music', '#needs-music', 'needs music and vocals', 'music-needed', 'needs-music-and-vocals', '#lyricsonly-#needsmusic-#collabrequired', '#needsmusic-#needscollab', 'collab-desired', 'collab-needed', 'collabs?', 'collaborations_welcome', 'collaboration-desired', 'collab-welcome', 'collab-wanted', 'Collab-required', 'need-collab', 'needs-collab', 'needs-collaboration', 'needs-collab', 'lyrics-only', 'lyrics', and there are probably more !

If you are a lyricist (especially noobs who other folks don't know well), and really want someone to put your words to music, how the hell can you be found easily amongst that lot !!!!

My idea is that we have a FAWM and 50/90 post every year. One that encourages folks to use the same tag when asking for music, lyrics, a collab or vocals. This would make their work much easier to be found, for instance by someone looking for lyrics to put to music.

Just a few examples:

If you are a lyricist and would like someone to collab with, to put your words to music and sing them, you tag it 'music needed' (I have not put something like 'lyrics only' here, as some lyricists may not be looking for collabs).

If you have an instrumental, and you would like someone to sing over it to a melody and lyrics you have already written, then you could tag it 'vocals needed'.

If you have an instrumental and would like someone to write lyrics for it, then you could tag it 'lyrics needed'.

If people in general think this is a good idea, I am more than happy to post that post a few weeks before every FAWM and 50/90 until I die Smile

Discuss ? Wink

Excellent suggestion! I believe in creative, free-form tagging, but when there is an actual goal involved, such as locating opportunities to collab, consistency would be very helpful. Having someone lead the charge is the only way to make that happen, so those that want to can coalesce.

Great suggestion!!!

@johnstaples and @barbara should I just do it, or maybe wait for a few more comments ?

@Amanda West I'd say just do it!

@Amanda West
Since there is nothing mandatory about what you propose, I see no reason to wait to make the proposal. It’s a good idea, and when people understand how it can help make more songs come to life as collaborations, they will hopefully be invested in using your strategy.

@Amanda West A great thing is that within the FAWM-50/90 framework there are few rules and no one's in charge. We just follow our noses and it all works. Folks step up. A little bit of standardization should enhance rather than threaten our creative freedom. I say go for it.

Hmm ok cheers Smile
I wonder which forum section is best ? 50/9 Culture ? Or General ?
Gawd I'm indesisive aren't I !

With the examples you have given, I think the Collaboration Corner under 50/90 Culture would be the place. It might just get lost in General.

I think it is a good idea and think there was a "standard"... I have not read the FAQ's in a long time and could be confused with "FAWM" if different. There isn't one there? (I didn't check Smile )

-- I as well do like the free form and no rules, what works best too, but, -- as said above, for new folks especially, for a specific need a formal pointer would be great; well, provided folks see it, use it, know to go there, like the FAQ's Wink

When I first joined FAWM -- suggested why not have a 3 min "orientation video" with DeskTop Record and show the end to end Interface and etc. or 3-3min videos. I think in 10mins all major stuff can be shown each time and a link in the Home Page. I did see some great folks did some videos, but, if not known, then?

I used to make on-line university course shells and could explain an entire advanced degree, univ. course within apx 3 min, end to end. It's was all there, and could be viewed, stopped and rerun.

-- Or not Smile

We all do seem to get by.

And, many people don't learn or do that way anyway... the pedagogy of "see, say do"... where one is all "do" and no "see/say"... yet, writes brilliant master pieces of lyrics and music is -- historic.

So, generally speaking, "no ones gonna stop you from creating an killer-tag-thread"... and it'll get engaged, or not and not a reflection of if good/bad/useful... just current state of "being" in the here and now.

I know when someone sends me a video about something, if by 30 secs it's still an "Intro" or explanation of what's to come (per the Title Smile ) ... I don't watch it. [Ironic coming from me, aye! Wink ]

So, that's the other wonderful thing of "here-isms" ... if don't "like it", don't read it! Skip-it, hahhh!

-- And all is well in FAWMer-land!

PS: on taggin; I see the different tags and could be wrong, but, I know I tag my stuff differently because what I "do" will not apply in that general tag. So, -- in order to not be pulled up in their good project, tag it otherwise, deliberately and all the people stay happy.

Why comment that?

Well, there are many people who are more "Inductive" in their communication online than "Deductive" [official real terms one can look up Wink ] -- and just can NOT, *not read krappe that bothers them. Then they do, and then offer their "WTF" isms? and, then, derUgo; a bad thread, project, innocent intent, no one intended!

So, I don't dismiss the "make it up as you go" style here, -- it's part of it's brilliant success Smile if one pays attention to stuff like that! It also keep folks posting, engaged, "here", since can have their "way" too among the other focused personalities. Again, why I see this working so well for so long.

Now some will read this and think "WTF" -- they never considered the connections I have and observe with folks who are te·na·cious, and choose not to, -- "just not come back" Smile

And so it goes in FAWMer-land another great year! And esp with "Collaborations" which is a perennial thread of long Definitions and "angst" since many, at one time didn't get the, "what happens at FAWM, stay's at FAWM paradigm", -- and now we have folks carefully, openly, declaring, "if I do collaborate, - I reserve all rights to my "stuff" I created outside of yours as used together, --separately" or some other legalese, words of wisdom.

I think by posting your thread, you will attract more like minded folks you can work with well! I am sure my threads, repel/attract as they do and why I am "here". The more we post about what's important to us, the more folks get to know us, the more they relate to our "stuff", in context.

Smile as if I didn't write enough, aye Wink hahhh...

Saw the new tag thread, -- great!

Anyway, mentioned previously a few times a few ways... anyway, -- many "here" (to easy to overlook?):

-- do not "reach out" proactively for many many reasons: shy, busy, sacred, to self critical, and 250 other reasons.

So, if one "sees" someone they relate to musically, -- reach out to THEM, ask. Be, proactive.

-- For example, I did, this 5090 session.
What happened?
Well, nothing.
Never got a response.
So what?

Then, drop it, -- do not take it personally, since it's not.

Also, they may have (?) then, with me this 5090 session, -- even did stop commenting, (?) -- expect that. Probably coincidence! Man, I got really busy, -- can't record music 'till September! Now, I don't have the time anyway. Collaboration can be very time consuming pending on who you are, as well as how they work.

This is "on-line" and that's how it goes.

Toughen up! Wink

Have fun.

Reach out. But, be upfront and clear about expectations in any kind of project. Connecting is not the work, the collaboration is Wink