SuperSkirmishSS070921D DATE/TIME: Friday, July 9, 2021 D - SS070921D - July 9 - 6pm CDT (4pm PDT, 7pm EST, July 10: midnight BS

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SuperSkirmish D PROMPT: Dislike Unlike maybe even Hate

D - SS070921D - July 9 - 6pm CDT (4pm PDT, 7pm EST, July 10: midnight BST, 1am CEST, 9AM AEST etc...)
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Host: @coolparadiso

WHAT: We’ll have an hour to write, record, and post a song in response to the announced theme/prompt. Instrumentals and lyrics-only are also fine. When you have finished your song or lyric, please share the link in this thread. It is part of the fun - and good skirmish etiquette - to listen to other participants’ songs.

Happy skirmishing!!

*If you take longer than an hour or get started late, please post your entry anyway - there really are no skirmish police!

I think I'm gonna try this one.

The Prompt is Dislike or Unlike maybe even Hate

Thank you John, here is my little lyric:

Here is mine, music collaboration welcome

Nice prompt - I needed that LOL

I'll have something - just showed up late for the prompt and have to eat dinner with the fam!

First go at this skirmishthing. Thanks for the prompt!

Woo! That was a fun one, thanks @coolparadiso

Got started a little late - here's mine:

Thanks for the great prompt, @coolparadiso!

Started 45 minutes in, finished within an hour *47444