Superskirmish A: ss092818a: 1pm EDT (10 am PDT, noon CDT, 6pm BST, 3am AEST Sep 29) September 28 - HOST: @metalfoot

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SUPERSKIRMISH ss092818a Friday September 28

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Friday 28 September 1pm EDT (10 am PDT, noon CDT, 6pm BST, 3am AEST Sep 29)
HOST: @metalfoot

Sing a song about beer! The good, the bad, the ugly. Root beer, ginger beer, whatever. It's a Friday and it's 5 o' clock somewhere... time for a pint.

Song tags: ss092818a, superskirmish, feast, beer

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*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread.
It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.
Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you can still join in, there are no skirmish police!

Have fun!

Oh boy

And I think I'm back - LOL - Lyrics only for now - as I have recording issues.

Theme: Beer

Music and SS listens later

The bad (or maybe the ugly):

Here's mine!

I didn't see the prompt until later, but it was a 15-minute write-and-record. I've written many a beer song, but why not one more?

only just starting here in Aussie

Late, but during the super-skirmish. *35427