Superskirmish A - SS082721A - August 27 - 12PM CDT (10AM PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST, August 28: 3AM AEST etc...)

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DATE/TIME: Friday, August 27 - 12PM CDT (noon PDT, 3pm EDT, 8pm BST, 9pm CEST, August 28: 5AM AEST etc...)

World Clock Converter: is external)

THEME/PROMPT: Phoenix (could be the bird, the city, or however else you are inspired)

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss082721A, feast, Phoenix

HOST: @wacha

WHAT: We’ll have an hour* to write, record, and post a song in response to, or hopefully somewhat inspired by, the announced prompt. Instrumentals, lyrics-only, and even partial songs are also fine. When you have finished, please share the link to your song in this thread.


This is a great way to see how others interpreted the prompt (sometimes in surprising directions!) and also helps build the community within 50/90. You may be inspired by what you find to possibly collaborate, or challenge your own writing to turn off that internal editor and go to a new level.

What to do if this prompt doesn't inspire you? There is a new prompt every two hours in a superskirmish and this is the second of thirteen. There are plenty more opportunities for inspiration on their way. Happy skirmishing!!

*If you take longer than an hour or get started late, please post your entry anyway, we have 84 days left for more writing.

Thanks to the folks who were more together with getting set up for this so I could just copy your format!

Isn't "A" at 12pm CDT, so now? Oh, never mind, I just saw the prompt, thx!

I thought it was at noon CT?

I converted the time wrong, sorry.

Here's mine

Sorry, I made a right mess out of this one straight from the gate but I guess we can only go up from here.

Here is mine. Sorry for being late.

Ugg i always forget to post the link.