Superskirmish ss082618h Sunday 26 August: BST 08:00 Sun, PDT 00:00 Ssun, EDT 03:00:00, AEST 17:00

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WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Sunday 26 August: BST 08:00 Sun, PDT 00:00 Sun, EDT 03:00:00, AEST 17:00

THEME: My Inspiration

what better inspiration could you need!

HOST: @coolparadiso
Song tags: #ss082618h, #superskirmish, #feast

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*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread.
It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.
Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you
can still join in, there are no skirmish police!

Have fun!

*yawn* g’morning John. Private Cooper reporting for skirmish duty.

I'm in this one! More lyrics only from me, so I just need to type it up.

goodonya Yam

I was going to bed, but then I realized that the proto-lyrics I'd just jotted down in my notebook were a good fit for this prompt. In response to comments on my last skirmish song, I wrote:
They wanted me to give a speech about writing songs with big words in.
I don't really have any advice.
My vocabulary is just naturally poised more in the vicinity of big words, maybe.
I'm sort of linguistically inclined.

Maybe I'll expand on it later. But for now, I really must sleep!

Thanks for the prompt!

Here’s mine:

Very late to this party as I slept through it earlier but here is my 30" lyric write to the prompt!