Superskirmish SS082518b Saturday 25 August: BST 20:00, PDT 12:00, EDT 15:00, AEST 05:00

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I’m hosting the next round of our Superskirmish, but our power just got knocked out by a storm and I’m posting this on my phone on a weak connection!

I will have a title for you in 20 minutes, though!

What a trooper... posting up in the midst of power outage! Hope you get power back soon, Chip!

I guess you'll be doing an acoustic tune. Wink

Looking forward to this! Smile

Theme is “Slow.”
Could use “slow” or “slowly” in the title and/or lyrics, or maybe the music is a slow tempo, or ... whatever “slow” means to you.

And in with *33634. Slow it down!

Thanks for the prompt Chip!

Came together fairly quickly for slow.

Hooray, a realtime skirmish for me! I've been chipping away at past ones, slowly.

I'm slowly uploading my take. Thank you for the theme Chip.

Ok, totally forgot to post the link but here it is:
I'll be back commenting tomorrow.

Power back on. I tried to skirmish but was too preoccupied. So, later I'll do this one (my prompt, but no real ideas for it) as a skirmish on my own time. And I'll listen to all of yours!

I forgot i was even doing a skirmish and took forever...was into it and lost track of everything lol

Well, here's mine! A little late ...