Superskirmish ss070818g Sunday 8 July BST 06:00 Sun, PDT 22:00 Sat, EDT 01:00:00, AEST 15:00

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Hi everyone! First skirmish I've hosted. Let's see what you got!

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Sunday 8 July BST 06:00 Sun, PDT 22:00 Sat, EDT 01:00:00, AEST 15:00
THEME: Your Country
HOST: @littlespiral

You can interpret this theme however you wish....

Song tags: #ss070818g, #superskirmish, #feast
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*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread. It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs. Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you can still join in, there are no skirmish police!

Have fun!

20 minutes to launch everyone!

Standing by Smile

@coolparadiso it looks like both of us have been marathoning these skirmishes! i had to sit the last one out to finish one of my regular ol' non-skirmish song, hahahah

you mean the 1 o'clock AEST ? Amanda never came on and did it!

oh really? well ok then, i didn't miss out after all!

Sometimes when a host misses a skirmish someone else will recommend a title. It seemed like there weren't many people last time, though, so I didn't mention it.

good to know for the future!

Ding! We're at the hour. The theme is "Your Country." You can interpret that however you wish. Smile
Happy skirmishing!


Now to nap for a couple hours before the next one. I'll listen to the other entries in the morning.

I went a bit metaphorical.

*yawn* good morning - 6:54am here I just woke up so will be a late post!

finished but having download problem will keep trying

i though about doing it but didnt see anyone else around

ok here goes rather pleased with this!

Still putting finishing touches on mine... confession, i spent more time than an hour bc i knew the prompt ahead of time Wink

Morning georgie. Little spiral and i have been in for the long haul. One was missed Amanda never came on. I thought if i should put one up but it was deathly!

Posting a quick lyric for now and heading to bed, commenting later

Are you not doing one @littlespiral.

@coolparadiso Yes! It's finally recorded... had a few hiccups but it's here!

Ok here is mine. Lyrics only music to follow

Here's mine, with lyrics and a link to the score. Recording is still a problem for me, but demo will be added eventually.