Superskirmish ss070718b Saturday 7 July: BST 20:00, PDT 12:00, EDT 15:00, AEST 05:00 Sun

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SUPERSKIRMISH ss070718b Saturday July 7th

A title/prompt is given, and you have an hour (or so) to write, record, and post up a song based on it.

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.
WHEN: Saturday 7 July: BST 20:00, PDT 12:00, EDT 15:00, AEST 05:00 Sun
THEME: Find The Time
HOST: @marvsmooth

Song tags: #ss070718b, #superskirmish, #feast

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Have fun!

Looking forward to it!

I might be able to join at a later stage.

Sorry - was recording!

Title/Prompt - Find The Time

Ohhhh I'll see if I can fit this in Wink

Starting late ( at :13 )

can't 'find the time' now, as I'm going out.... but maybe later on in the weekend? Smile

Glad I could find the time to do this. @marvsmooth great prompt, thanks.

I'm in. *30709.

Here's mine: *30712

I may have to head out soon for a little bit, but I will definitely be checking out everyone's songs, either now or later!

Thanks for the prompt. Gosh, an hour goes by fast.

See below music available now Only woke a while ago but had a bit of inspiration. Lyrics only for now.

Another quick one!
Will be back later to comment

A quick one from me as well. Spent about 30 minutes on music and the same time looking for a cover art. Thank you Martin for the inspiration.

I'm only 2 months late for this but I loved the prompt so much I had to take a stab at it!