Superskirmish ss070718a Saturday 7 July: BST 18:00, PDT 10:00, EDT 13:00, AEST 03:00 Sun

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SUPERSKIRMISH ss070718a Saturday July 7th

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Saturday 7 July: BST 18:00, PDT 10:00, EDT 13:00, AEST 03:00 Sun
THEME: "Priceless" use as inspiration, a title or theme.
HOST: @Jibbidy34

Song tags: #ss070718a, #superskirmish, #feast

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*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread.
It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.
Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you
can still join in, there are no skirmish police! Smile

Have fun!

5 minutes!

I am in it!


Ugh. I struggled a lot with process and still wound up with something I hate. I'm going to acknowledge I'm late, then improvise something. I'll either post the first thing I did -- which I hated -- or this next thing, which is late but _might_ not be as bad.

Finally...oh well, knocking off the rust.

This was the last-minute improvisation. So much better than my first attempt! (Even though it is pretty crappy.)

Late to the party! Had a 10 min break between events at the music festival I am at. So some quick lyrics. Open for collaboration. Will be back to comment! Thanks for the great prompt!

Done on time but couldn’t upload till now.

I wrote this in half an hour and then fell asleep in the middle of the skirmish, so I didn't record until now.

I read the date wrong and thought it was happening like now. So it's super late but I couldn't NOT:

Another late entry but this prompt was, dare I say, "priceless". Thanks for the inspiration!