SUPERSKIRMISH SEPTEMBER 28-29 Hosts and Instructions

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So, here's the SuperSkirmish thread for the final Superskirmish of 5090-2018. Starts Friday noon *my* time. I've given equivalent times in Eastern, Pacific, Greenwich, and Australian Eastern zones.

A: ss092818a: 1pm EDT (10 am PDT, noon CDT, 6pm BST, 3am AEST Sep 29) September 28 - HOST: @metalfoot
B: ss092818b: 3pm EDT (noon PDT, 2pm CDT, 8pm BST, 5am AEST Sep 29) Sep 28 - HOST: @tcelliott
C: ss092818c: 5pm EDT (2pm PDT, 4pm CDT, 10pm BST, 7am AEST Sep 29) Sep 28 - HOST: @musicsongwriter
D: ss092818d: 7pm EDT (4pm PDT, 6pm CDT, midnight BST, 9am AEST Sep 29) Sep 28 - HOST: @AndyGetch
E: ss092818e: 9pm EDT (6pm PDT, 8pm CDT, 2 am BST Sep29, 11am AEST Sep 29) Sep 28 - HOST: @JWHanberry
F: ss092818f: 11pm EDT (8pm PDT,10pm CDT, 4am BST Sep29 1pm AEST Sep 29) Sep 28 - HOST: @johnstaples
G: ss092918g: 1am EDT (10pm PDT Sep 28, midnight CDT, 6am BST 3pm AEST) Sep 29 - HOST: @yam655
H: ss092918h: 3am EDT (midnight PDT, 2am CDT, 8am BST, 5pm AEST) Sep 29 - HOST: @marvsmooth
I: ss092918i: 5am EDT (2am PDT, 4am CDT, 10am BST, 7pm AEST) Sep 29 - HOST: @coolparadiso
J: ss092918j: 7am EDT (4am PDT, 6am CDT, noon BST, 9pm AEST) Sep 29 - HOST: @coolparadiso
K: ss092918k: 9am EDT (6am PDT, 8am CDT, 2pm BST 11pm AEST) Sep 29 - HOST: @yam655
L: ss092918l: 11am EDT (8am PDT, 10am CDT, 4pm BST, 1am AEST Sep 30) Sep 29 - HOST: @metalfoot
M: ss092918m: 1pm EDT (10am PDT, noon CDT, 6pm BST 3am AEST Sep 30) Sep 29 - HOST: @AndyGetch
N: ss092918n: 3pm EDT (noon PDT, 2pm CDT, 8pm BST, 5am AEST Sep 30) Sep 29 - HOST: @musicsongwriter

Yes, it's a 14-unit superskirmish. BECAUSE THIS SUPERSKIRMISH GOES TO 14!!! (Like the FAWM t-shirt. See what I did there?)
It is NOT recommended to do all 14 SS sections in one go without sleep or meals. Pick and choose. It should work out fairly for most time zones.

Please sign up to host a slot or two-- without hosts, it won't happen!
(you don't have to use this format)
SUPERSKIRMISH ss092818a Friday September 28

WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
WHEN: Friday 28 September 1pm EDT (10 am PDT, noon CDT, 6pm BST, 3am AEST Sep 29)
THEME: TBA -- your theme goes here
HOST: Your Name Goes Here

Song tags: ss092818a, superskirmish, feast

Timezone converter: (link is external)

*When you have finished your song, share the link in this thread.
It is part of the fun and the etiquette to listen to other participants songs.
Although the skirmish is set for an hour, if you are late or run over you
can still join in, there are no skirmish police! Smile

Have fun!

Thanks for doin' this. I'll take E please.

I'll host F! (I think that CDT should be 10pm and not 6pm)

H i or j. Whatever suits.

I can take C and N which will make Cripps Nadia Smile

I can take G and/or K.

If you get near the time and you are short a host i will take another as long as its not a silly time AEST.

Doing well so far! I'll keep your suggestions in mind, yam and coolparadiso. Smile

I'm going to try participating in all of them, though some will be late due to scheduling conflicts. Alas, this means committing to listening and commenting to the whole skirmish, but that's part of the fun! Smile

D: ss092818d?

I look forward to trying to do as many as possible- i will come in late for the first two! It often means Yam and I end up as as duo but we still have fun! Smile

One week to go! Still need a handful of hosts. @Jibbidy34-- you in?

I just got a great price on weekend passes to the local Roots N Blues N BBQ festival next weekend. I'll participate as I can and if there is an open slot that will work with my new schedule I'll be more than happy to host. But it'll be a wait and see thing for at least a few more days.

Oops... just realised it is midnight in the U.K., and I’ll be in bed for a 4.30 in the morning start!

@marvsmooth Can I move you to a different timeslot?

How about H - 8am in the UK?


I should be able to do B - Is that Friday at 2pm Central? I'm scheduled off that day, so....

Also a maybe for L - 10am central Saturday. But if someone fills it up I'm cool with that.

Alex, it looks like M and N should be 29 not 28. Ie M: ss092918m instead of M: ss092818m

Can I have F?

B is Friday, 2 pm. It's yours, TC.
Thanks for corrections.
F is John's already, Cindy. You can have D or G or J or L or M...

Will be home all weekend with company including extensive team toddler sitting. I can be on standby to host on short notice if there are still any remaining empty slots on Friday.

@AndyGetch can I call on you for D?
@yam655 You get G as well!
@coolparadiso I'll give you J as well!

I've assigned myself 2 slots on Saturday am but if anyone wants them, I'll gladly hand off.

@metalfoot thanks for organizing! The 'D' thread is posted. I'm also happy to host 'M' if it is helpful.

Sure, Andy. You can take M.

Dear British friends,
I realize now that my initial terminology was incorrect. GMT is not during Daylight Savings. You're during British Summer Time at the moment. All times have been updated to read BST now. Because I'm an idiot, but I do learn from my mistakes.

THANKS EVERYONE for making this superskirmish a success!

Thanks for organising Mate! Im pretty tired - but when i sift through i will have a few good songs! glad i could do all 14. Thx to all the other prompters as well!

It was lots of fun!! Smile