Superskirmish K SS082821K - August 28 - 8am CDT (6am PDT, 9am EDT, 2pm BST, 3pm CEST, 11PM AEST

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Yes! It is time for another Skirmish!

WHAT: SS082821K

DATE: Saturday - August 28

TIME: 8am CDT (6am PDT, 9am EDT, 2pm BST, 3pm CEST, 11PM AEST etc...)

HOST: @kahlo

PROMPT: page


Use as many bonus words as you can, 1 extra credit point for each bonus word used! If you use them all, you earn a virtual invisible intangible secret bonus prize and my utmost awe and respect.

TAG IT: SS082821K

Most of you have been around the block and know how to skirmish. No need to read more! Just have fun! I look forward to your work!

For those of you new to these skirmishes - the idea is to write and post a new song, a new lyric, or new instrumental based on the prompt posted above at the allotted time within an hour.

Let your creative muse guide you and keep your inner critic locked in the closet and see what you come up with. As soon as you are done, post your song and tag it: Super-Skirmish, SS082821K. You can also put the prompt in the tag or your liner notes. Mark your song “feast” which indicates you did this song quickly. Also, it is helpful if you post a link to your song in this thread.

Once you have posted your response to the skirmish, please check out and comment on the other songs that were posted by fellow 50/90ers during the skirmish. It is always fun to see and hear the variety and breadth of responses.

Please don’t worry about at all the quality of your work or your production during a skirmish - some of us post a lyric or an instrumental, some post a whole song. Whatever works for you works for the skirmish. It is meant to be fun and to spark creativity.

Again the goal is to challenge yourself to do it quickly, which is why there is an hour set to write/play/produce. However, there are no skirmish police so if you start late or run longer, you will not be chastised, disciplined, harassed, or kicked off the site! Seriously, stakes are low and participating is fun! What are you waiting for, stop reading and start skirmishing!

Good luck and have fun!!!!

Page (paged/pages/paging)

Bonus Words:

Well this was very quick write - I will be back to comment but have an 8:30 class! I look forward to reading and hearing your response to the prompt!

I'm so sorry. This goes against everything I believe in (and good taste)!

Thank you, Liz. Here is my instrumental:

Here's mine

Thanks for the prompt, I had issues so I'm late.

A few minutes late. I used page, story, book, and blank. Thanks for the prompt - it gave me words to music I did a couple of days ago.

Got a late start, but here's mine. Great prompt, thanks for hosting!