Superskirmish G - SS071021G - July 10- midnight CDT (10pm PDT, 1am EST, 6am BST, 7am CEST, 3PM AEST.)

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DATE/TIME: G - SS071021G - July 10- midnight CDT (10pm PDT, 1am EST, 6am BST, 7am CEST, 3PM AEST etc...)

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss071021G, feast,


WHAT: We’ll have an hour to write, record, and post a song in response to the announced theme/prompt. Instrumentals and lyrics-only are also fine. When you have finished your song or lyric, please share the link in this thread. It is part of the fun - and good skirmish etiquette - to listen to other participants’ songs.

Happy skirmishing!!

*If you take longer than an hour or get started late, please post your entry anyway - there really are no skirmish police!

Is F missing in action

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Not sure, I just woke up but I hope not was planning on joining that one as well Biggrin

Well its not up

Andy has stepped in and posted

Oh my goodness, y'all! Sorry about dropping the ball, I ended up having to move out of the apartment I was staying at with no notice, and completely forgot until just now. Glad someone stepped in and covered for me! Hopefully nothing like this should happen again this summer.

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@Victoria Brooks Sorry to hear! I speak from too much experience that front, that's never fun Wink If you want G you can have it, if not you at least have given me some prompt ideas Biggrin Good luck!

I think at this point I'm just going to pass out and try not to about how bonkers today was. Glad you got some inspiration out of all this, at least! I think I did as well (and I'm definitely coming back and hitting some of these skirmishes tomorrow evening once I'm fully settled)

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Okay, enjoy some sleep.

@Victoria Brooks no worries and thx for checking in. Hope everything is ok.

oooh, consequences. let me see if i can do this one...

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Consequence/Reprecussions for a prompt.

Random book, two random pages two seemingly non-random words Biggrin

Okey dokey i am onto it! hmmmm Consequence/Repercussions

i made this lyrics-only stream-of-consciousness piece. musical collaborators welcome!

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and again if I miss anyone that posts theirs here I'll get to it sometime over the weekend. Thanks for playing!

Here is mine - always good when you make yourself laugh

Well I got done pretty close to time but then I got to typing (see liner notes)

Late entry and a prompt mash-up *47494